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Hasbro Must Haves From The NYTF Show Case!

     Oh Hasbro how do I love thee. With amazing brands like Furby, Marvel, Mr. Potato Head, My Little Pony, Star Wars, Playskool, and so much more how can I even begin to tell you about all the awesome that is about to blow up the stores this 2014! I was invited to attend the Hasbro Showroom and I had a blast. With celebrities like Mr. Potato Head and Rescue Bot Heatwave, I was completely star struck. But even better than the celebrities were the products! WOW we have a lot to cover.

      First I am going to introduce you to the Marvel Mashers, by far one of my favorite toys. These Marvel super heroes come apart and you can mix and match them to each other- letting you create the ultimate superhero! Just imagine Spiderman with the strength of the Hulk, or the Hammer of Thor. That would be a force to reckon with I tell you! Each hero is $14.99 and there are seven figures available right now. Also available right now are the Super Hero Mashers Electronic, featuring tons of weapons that make noise! Also coming to the line will be Figure and Vehicle combo packs, Villains and Transformers Mashers.

     As we all know there is a brand new Transformers movie coming out that will be including the infamous DINO BOTS! Well my favorite transformer cartoon Rescue Bots are gearing up for some dino action. This line of Transformers geared towards the younger children 3-7, bring a big punch of transforming action that is accessible for those with littler hands.  MY SON LOVES THESE and I am certain that we will see these new figures in our home very soon.

     Coming in the fall is Transformers Rescue Bots Primal Figures. With a simple twist of the torso, Optimus will convert from bot to Tyrannosaurus REX! He will say over 20 phrases, has dino sound effects and will light up and chomp away. Retail price will be $34.99

      Also coming out in the fall is the Heatwave Rescue DinoBot Figure!  He will have fierce dino sound effects, realistic chomping action, and oh did I mention he will turn into a BRONTOSAURUS! Yep! Think of how many people he can help save with that long neck!  This will retail at $19.99
      There will also be a Transformers Rescue Bots Mini Dino Assortment. at $3.99 a piece they will feature Heatwave as a Brontosaurus, Blade as a Pterodactyl, Boulder as a Triceratops and Chase as a Stegosaurus! Each will be sold separately!

     Looking for some awesome new Rescue Bots with a closer release date? Well this May the new line of Rescue Bots will hit the shelves, bringing our favorite characters with all new transformations! Bumblebee will convert into a motorcycle, Heatwave will be a fire boat, and Optimus Prime will be a monster truck! My kid is going to be sooo excited *and working so hard on his chores to get one* and at $9.99 I won't have to break the bank to get him one!

      Exciting news coming from the My Little Pony  World: the creation of the My Little Pony Pop Playset!  For ages 4 years and up and coming in the fall this is a first in the My Little Pony Line!  Fans can now create and customize their very own My Little Ponies, and easy to assemble Play Space.  Fans can now build four of ponies Pinkie Pie, AppleJack, Princess Twilight Sparkle and Rarity. Personalize each pony with pop on manes and themed stickers.  They can also build their own Sugarcube Corner Sweet Shoppe Playset. Decorate with candy stickers, gum drops, lollipops and more!
There will also be Decorator and Style kits available (sold separately) so that you can keep on changing and creating! This is going to be fun! Prices range from $19.99-$3.99.

         The World of Playdoh keeps on changing with these new ways to create! Disney Princess Magical Designs Palace has you using your "doh" to decorate the princess's dresses and castle! Play Doh Cake Mountain has you creating tiny delicate cakes and the Play Doh Chuck Diggin' Rigs Buzz Saw playset will have you working away all day with lumber to cut and carry! It's absolutely amazing how Hasbro keeps this timeless toy up to date on the latest trends and the new ways you can play with it!

     Let's Imagine Elmo will no doubt be on everyone's wish list this year! Available this fall- if your little one is an Elmo fanatic I suggest you hop on this one the MINUTE IT GETS ON THE SHELVES!  This is a plush Elmo that is as huggable as he is playable. He comes with three different hats that unlock different imaginary themes and play modes. Put the crown on Elmo's head to play "Prince Elmo Says", the cowboy hat to learn about numbers in the "Counting Cowboy" game or the Sea Captain hat for a  fun "Sounds of the Sea" game. You can also tickle his belly, squeeze his nose, or bounce him for a fun reaction! And guess what!?! Batteries are included! (SCORE) This will be retailed at $39.99. I saw him in action- he is worth every cent.

     This ends my round one of Hasbro Must Haves- No worries I will have more Hasbro news to give you VERY SOON!

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