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Half Popped! A Children's Book Review!

  Half Popped! Is a wonderful book written by Jeff Feuerstein and illustrated by Dayna brandoff, both Lynbrook Alumni might I add. The story is all about Kenny the Kernel who "was only half popped, after the microwave had stopped". In a bowl full of fully popped corn he felt he had no place, so he left the bowl for to find somewhere better. He meets a carrot who is sad because he is only a 'baby" and all the other carrots are calling him names, he encounters grapes that are sour and fighting, a blackened banana and a cheerio that can't swim. Kenny who is a kind kind of kernel helps all the other food feel better about themselves. But what about poor Kenny? Don't worry he finds out that he is perfect just the way he is.
    I have to say I love this book. It is truly unique not only in the story itself but the illustrations are a wonderful combination of both photography and illustrations.  The story is told in a lovely rhyme and it covers everything from nutritional foods, helping others, and being happy with who you are.  Kenny the half popped kernel doesn't let the fact that he is down stop him from helping others, and is a great lesson for our children. I constantly tell my son that when he says
nice things about people it can make their day, and this book just reinforces that teaching.  Of course the other thing I try and instill in him is that he is perfect just the way he is. His crazy dance moves, and the hair that is a lot like Harry Potter's- where it never looks brushed- make him the great little guy that he is. I tell him never change anything good about yourself because you don't fit in. You will find a crowd of people that will love and accept you just the way you are. In Kenny's case, he just wanted someone to eat him, and in the end he got chewed just like all the other popcorn. Kenny was accepted for who he was and that is just a great lesson to share with any child.
   What I also liked was how all the food was wholesome (except maybe the Oreo like cookies, but hey everyone needs a treat now and I love Oreos.....NO DIET!!)  and all liked to be eaten. It kind of reminded me of the Muppet food that sing and dance, they never fought with the Chef when it was time for cooking. I tell my son all the time that food needs to be eaten (yeah he is three, its a pain to get him to eat anything that isn't chocolate) and that it will make them sad to be left on the plate. Well this book just backed up my story! Thanks guys! Also there is no meat so it is a great book for our number one veggie lover Christina! =)

   All in all this is a great truly unique book that will find a very happy place in your family's library.  It is available on Amazon for purchase and I think you should buy a copy for everyone you know!

*I received this book for review and I loved it, otherwise I would not write about it! Thanks again guys!

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