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Crayola- Bringing Creativity To Your Home in 2014

      Crayola is not just crayons anymore! Their new line of amazing and colorful imagination-inspiring products are going to have your kids of all ages occupied for HOURS!  At the New York Toy Fair 2014 I was able to see what is happening with the household brand and you will not be disappointed.  First, there is the Marker Creator which lets you create your own colored markers by either using the mixing chart or your own imagination to make your own unique color. For ages 8-10 years old your children will be able to customize everything from the color, the label and the box making these markers truly their own!

   The Paint Maker, coming out in June 2014, is the same idea, only (yeap you guessed it) you get to make your own PAINT colors!  No wait guys it's not as messy as you think! The paint is completely washable once created and uses your basic base paint which you add color STRIPS--yeah strips--to mix and match your own paint. Just like the markers you use your chart to create the basic colors of the rainbow-and then some, but then you get to go CRAZY and mix and match the paint strips to create your own unique blend of colors. One of the best parts is the shaker! Yes once you mix the base paint with the strips you get to put your small pallet in a awesome paint mixer (think of a miniature home depot in your home) It's amazing!!

Doodle Magic has come out with a bunch of new items as well. The Doodlemals are for the little animal lovers in your life! Coming in three animals (lion, hippo or elephant) and two Doodle Magic Markers and wipe cloth you can color and clean your Doodlemals over and over again with a new formula that makes for brighter colors!  Look for it this July 2014 for your little artists!

   My first Crayola Mess-Free Touch Lites is already on my Christmas list for this year. It incorporates lights, sound, texture, and NO mess to help your toddlers create over and over again. They can use either their little fingers or an included stylus, they can create colorful scribbles that light up and play music (best part Mom is the music turns OFF!)

     My First Crayola Washable Stamper Kit is something you will need to keep a look out for this upcoming June 2014. These are easy grip stampers that have no felt, no rubber, and are completely safe for your little ones to play with.  It is washable and comes with an idea booklet that your child can try and replicate or just create on their own!

    Lastly in my Crayola roundup is the Virtual Design Pro-Car or Pro-Fashion collection coming out this September 2014. I am telling you RIGHT NOW this is going to be a must have on your kid's holiday or birthday list.  Using the specialized paper you can design your own dress or car that when you scan, using an Ipad or Iphone, comes to life! Your child will watch her designs walk the runway of Paris, New York and Milan, and their cars zoom on the track. From the outfit itself to the hair, skin tone, and accessories, your little girls will LOVE LOVE LOVE to design her own line and watch it come to life! As for the boys- who doesn't want to design a car from the ground up.  From the design to the rims, your little boy will be able to drive his dream car before he even has a license!

   We look forward to seeing these products on the shelves and seeing all the kiddos' faces when they play!

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