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Swiffer Sweep and Trap Review!

      You know what I love--like actually love to do...clean my floors. Yeah I know you guys think I am crazy or a big fat liar but I do. There is nothing that says you are in a nice clean house like nice clean floors.  Yes there are clothes bunched up in corners, papers piled up and toys everywhere thanks to my spoiled three year old, but gosh darnit you can eat off my floors. So when She Speaks came out with a chance to try out the Swiffer Sweep and Trap, I was legit excited. When it came in the mail, my son and I were unnaturally excited about trying out a new broom. (oh yeah, my son loves to clean floors as well, we have races, its...well its odd but we have fun)
   This two in one sweeping device made by Swiffer and available at Walmart is actually AMAZING. I have always been a fan of Swiffer; we use the duster and mop pads regularly. With the Sweep and Trap's rotating plastic blades you can pick up everything from cat food to nails! It is actually quite impressive. It also has  room to put on the dry cloth so you sweep up any of the dust and regular yuck that is on your floor. Best of all no batteries or outlets required.
   The blades are super soft so there is no worry about it scratching your floors, and it just about picks up anything.  You can easily get rid of what was picked up from the trap by simply squeezing the top of the Swiffer and pouring out the tray. I suggest that if you use this with bigger messes, like let's say you spilled a bowl of unmilked cereal, you empty the tray right away, because when it over fills you might get a bit of spitback from the Swiffer--which isn't a biggie for me.
   All in all this is simply a great product. It is from Swiffer so you know it will last forever, and it kills two birds with one stone by adding the dry mop accessory. This will give your floor a nice clean glow without having to break out the vacuum. I love it and I am so happy that we had a chance to try it out with She Speaks!

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Swiffer

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