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Jamaroos Musical ABCs! A Review

   Open your kids' imagination up to the world of letters with this amazing new app by Iggy Learning LLC. The colorful app opens with a palm tree swinging in the background and a stage in the middle. Drag over a letter from the bottom of the skin to the stage and get introduced to an animal that starts with the corresponding letter and plays an instrument that also begins with that letter. For example Yes The Yak plays the Yang Ch'in.  Tap on Yes and he plays a beautiful melody, meanwhile on the stage pictures of a Yeti, a yacht and yarn appear.  Tape them and pictures of said words rain down as well as the proper spelling of the word. Tap them again and they will pop like bubbles.

    Your child will learn all 26 letters while learning about 26 different animals, as well as 26 instruments. Add in four words per letter (which adds up to 104 words in all) and this app brings your child an amazing way to learn.
        There are a lot of apps out there that seek to educate your child using the alphabet. Some of them are great, some are not so great.  But never have I have seen such an amazing collection of phonics, music, and word association in an alphabet app.  It is fully interactive, has wonderfully well drawn and vivid animations, as well as gorgeous colors popping off the screen.  It will keep your child entertained as well as help them not only learn the alphabet but word association as well. Well worth the $1.99 in my humble opinion.

* I received a code to review this app--all opinions are my own; I don't like it, I don't post it!

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