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Risk: Plants Vs. Zombies Special Edition Review!


     Risk is a strategic board game that was originally released in 1957 and has lead to generations of tabletop "geeks" ( I  say that proudly my friends, I say it proudly)  playing for hours to take over the world. The game has taken on different worlds, Middle Earth being one of my favorite examples-but the special edition release of the games latest and dare I say greatest of all worlds is Plants Vs Zombie Risk Game (cheers and screaming comes from the audience...oh wait, I am not a host on TV. Dang). Released by USAopoly, this is a great marriage of two of the games that I love most.  Although most Risk players will feel (almost) right at home with this game, it does give you some very different ways to play. For one thing it is made for two players, which is pretty neat. The double sided game board is awesome giving you three super fun ways to play.  The first side has a detailed map of the PVZ town of Brainsborough.  Here you have two ways to play. Lets discuss the first way first (which is usually the case).

     "Basic Training" (or in original Risk Mission Objective) is basically an all out Plants vs Zombie war, your only mission here is to defeat your opponents.  By playing either as a plant or a zombie, your mission is to finish all the objectives before your opponent does or get rid of all of your opponents entirely- whatever happens first.  It is a great "introductory" into the game for those new at Risk or those just new at this altered PVZ mode.  Some of these new additions to this version would include the use of station wagons and Garden Gnomes appearing on the board as well as the use of awesome fraction cards that are completely customized to the world of PVZ.

  The second way "Advance Play" Or Total Domination is an all out war with one another. Pretty much just a more advanced way of playing Basic Training.  OR....OR you can just the good old fashioned way of invade and conquer. The one who conquers all the territories wins! Bam!

  The third and I have to say my FAVORITE way of playing this game is the Front Yard Skirmish, Or Tower Defense mode. This is literally putting the video game on a table top and going at it. My husband and I have been playing this way non- stop (well when the cats and our son let us) since we got the game and it is so much fun. It is a completely new spin on the game intertwining basics of Risk with the PVZ game giving you a fun new way to play. One side is plants, the other side zombies, just like the other two versions the difference is the game board, and how alike it is to the original PVZ game. The zombies and plants both have two different ways to attack and have a different set of upgrade cards that you can buy with the coin value on the fraction cards. Each person gets thirty pieces and you win by either invading the house (if you're a zombie) or getting rid of all the zombies if you are a plant. It is a fun, relatively short game play (for risk) that really has you laughing out loud. I loved  playing every single game and enjoyed the smack talking I provided for every one's entertainment, even though I lost more than I won.
            The game is priced at $29.00 and is available right now at the PVZ store! It includes "Over 160 game pieces include Double-Sided Game Board, 40 Peashooters, 10 Threepeaters, 40 Zombies, 10 Zombie Mobs, 40 Garden Gnomes, 12 Objectives, 9 Station Wagons, 7 Re”mind”er Pieces, 30 Plant Faction Cards, 30 Zombie Faction Cards, 6 Plant Upgrade Cards, 6 Zombie Upgrade Cards and 6 Dice"
    So once again Plants Vs Zombies has come out with another unique way to enjoy their franchise. With the help of USAopoly, who are known to make amazing special edition games, you are guaranteed a fun night with your loved ones. Just don't take it too seriously, like throwing a bowl of popcorn at your opponent, err,husband when you convince yourself they are cheating. Not that I do that but I mean it happens. So I have heard.

  Seriously guys, make sure you check out USAopoly. They have so many funny games that one brief look made me want to buy the whole shop!

*I was given this awesome game to review, however all opinions are my own, because if I didn't like it, I would have shipped it right back!

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