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Jake and The Neverland Pirates Shipwreck Beach Treasure Hunt Game by Wonder Forge

       Kids three and up will be going out of their tiny little minds when they get Jake and The Neverland Pirates Shipwreck Beach Treasure Hunt Game by Wonder Forge! Everything about this game is fun, even setting it up!  First you lay out the treasure map with all the doubloons face down.  Then everyone goes around the house to "hide" the treasures together -everyone will need to know where they are!. After the treasure is hidden everyone goes back to the map and takes turns flipping over two coins at a time trying to match them up. There are five treasure doubloons and five invisible treasure doubloons.  Those are cool. In order to find out what is on them you have to use the spyglass! (AWESOME). After a player makes a
match, you grab the sword (oh don't worry it's foam, we only bring out the real one on special occasions),  flip over the sand timer and go and retrieve that treasure! You have to bring it back to the treasure map while still ON the foam sword before time runs out! If you make it back in time you get to keep the doubloons.  If not the coins go back on the map and the treasure goes back to its hiding spot to be found again! To make things even more fun there are Captain Hook And Smee doubloons that you not only get to keep, but let you move around all the coins on the treasure map and give you ANOTHER turn! The person who has the most doubloons at the end of the game is the WINNER!

   What a fantastic inventive game. I couldn't believe how well made the pieces were (the treasure map turns into a great storage bag) and how "out of the box" Wonder Forge made this board game.  Yet another Disney favorite, Jack and The Neverland Pirates is a huge hit with the little ones as well as the adults (yeah we rock the CD in the car every day).  Wonder Forge yet again totally understood its audience and the show itself, making the game a real life Jake and The Neverland Pirates adventure! Your kids will not only work on their memory skills, by remembering where the matching coins on the board are and where the treasure was hidden in the house. But they will have so much fun running around the house trying to beat the clock and get the treasure that they may even need a nap afterwards!  I have discovered by reviewing Wonder Forge that when they produce a game they don't just go out to make a buck, they sit and think what will best represent a brand and how can we get the kids to fall in love with this game. They think from a child's point of view and bring them into the world engulfing them in the game itself. I thought Sofia The First Magical Tea Party was amazing (and it still totally is) but they completely blew me away with Shipwreck Beach... Sure to be a hit in any household this is a MUST HAVE for any Jake fan.

    Many thanks to all the folks over at Wonder Forge for sending this over for us to take a look at!

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