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Steve Jackson Games Presents Dino Hunt Dice!

                                         When X is explaining the Dice he Is saying
                                             " The leaves mean the Dino's got away"
                                              "The dino's mean you capture one"
                                               "The feet mean you got stomped on"
                                             *you can blame my editing on that one*

      Steve Jackson Games has brought so many great gaming options for us adults, and we are so excited that they are now breaking into the children gaming genre!  Munchkin Treasure Hunt (read our review here) has hit the shelves of Toys'R Us and now, Dino Hunt Dice is available to expand your collection!  For those of us that want to introduce our children into the world of dice games, or for those that have already shown an interest, Dino Hunt Dice is the perfect start, or addition to their gaming education.
     Here is how it works, there are three dice, that are three different colors, red, yellow and green.  The red die have tyrannosurus on them, footprints and leaves, The Yellow, have Triceratops, footprints and leaves, the Green ones have Apatosaurus, footprints and leaves.  Now, let's play. Pick three dice out of the container and roll them,  let's say I get one Dinosaur, one leaf and one footprint, If it lands on the dinosaur that means I capture one Dino, the footprint means I was stomped on once, and the leaf means one dino got away.  Now at this point I can put my  dinosaur and stomp dice aside pick two more dice ( I replayed the one die that the leaf showed) and roll again, if I get three Stomps during my game play then my turn ends and I lose all the dinos I captured.  The first person to collect 20 dinosaurs wins!
     This is a simple and fun way to get your whole family into playing, you can play with Three or more people, and it is an easy game with no hassle, no clean up no problems!  Your child will get a feel for dice games and a glance of all the games they can play in the future.
     What I personally loved about the game is not only  how easy it was for my four year old to pick up- but he was also able to explain the game to his friends.  For example we had a impromptu play-date and I had nothing planned, so X pulled out the Dino Hunt Game all by himself, explained it to the kids, and played- correctly within minutes. They yelled when they got stomped on, sometimes actually pretending to stomp on each-other, talked about (and I kid you not here) what Jurassic periods that certain species came from (thank you Dinosaur Train) talked about herbivores and carnivores.  Oh and don't  forget about them working on their counting skills, marking lines down for every dino they capture then counting to see who has the most.  These kids had a fun educational experience that I literally had nothing to do with, the credit all goes to Steve Jackson Games.

       This game is available now, and I believe is a no brainier to buy.  If you child is into tabletop game play why not introduce them to dice games as well,

 We received this product for free for review- however our opinions are our own, if we did not like it we would NOT write about it!

Edited by Cheryl W. 

Puppy Week On Nickelodeon!!!!! Tune In!

                         KICKING OFF MONDAY, MARCH 2

        Week-Long Canine Celebration to Feature Brand-New Episodes of TV’s Number-One

Weekly Events!

Monday March 2nd
 Old Stuff Day

Baby and Me Yoga
When: 11:30-12:30
Where: Yoga Long Beach, 54 West Park Avenue, Long Beach NY 11561
Info: Please call for cost (516)889-0808

Explorer Family Backpacks:  Get a backpack and discover the beauty of all the different world cultures through art in the gallery! Then your child will create one of their own to bring home!
When:10:00am - 5:00pm
Where: Hofstra University, Hempstead Turnpike , Hempstead NY 11549
Cost: Free

The Amazing Zhus!


    The Amazing Zhus!  You have seen the commercial and I know what you are thinking; are they really that cool?  Well we got to throw a Magical Meet Up where we had ten kids to help answer that question and the answer is, "Yes, yes they are that cool."  Our Cepia and Mom Select sponsored party gave us a unique opportunity to have a bunch of kids try out the Amazing Zhus and to see how they reacted to one of the top toys to have this holiday season.  

Oh No--- Not Mr.Spock!!

   I was so sad to see that Mr. Spock has passed away today. Star Trek has been a huge part of my life, and Leonard Nimoy was just an amazing man and multi-talented actor. We will not see another one of his kind. To prove that issue, here is a video of Mr. Nimoy performing a song about Bilbo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings.

Painting Lulu- Meet Lulu Review!

    Painting  Lulu is bringing the coloring book into this tech-savvy world!  This paper-to-digital coloring experience is the first of it's kind and has already hit the ground running!  Here is how it works... First your child colors in the actual coloring book, then with the help of their parents (or in the case of my iPad-wielding 4 year old, on his own), you scan the page using the Painting Lulu app--which is free.  The page instantly appears on your smart device and your child can continue coloring where they left off with the digital crayon.  This is an actual crayon stylus made of foam, so it does not damage your screen.  No joke, what your kid did on that page of that coloring book goes right on the screen of your smart device just how they left it on the page.  Here they can re-touch, continue coloring, save and then print their beautiful creations!  It's kind of a trip.

Special Skylander Partnerships, and Limited Edition Toys!

   Skylander's are truly taking over the world!   First they conquered our TV screens, and now they are taking over our breakfast cereal? Yes that's right,  Portal-Masters can "now start their mornings by playing an interactive version of the popular Skylanders Skystones mini-game via specially-marked Big G cereal boxes.  Beginning February 14th, General Mills will bring the fan-favorite Skylanders Skystones game to select Big G cereal boxes, marking Activision’s first entry into the cereal category. Available at participating retailers across North America, fans will find Skylanders Skystones packs inside boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Reese’s Puffs, Trix, Lucky Charms and more while supplies last. There are four sets of Skylanders Skystones to collect, and each set contains 10 cards, two of which are ultra-powerful “boss” villain cards that will unlock exclusive content in the free Skylanders Collection Vault™ app. Skylanders Skystones is a popular head-to-head mini-game found in Skylanders Trap Team and other previous Skylanders games." It is really funny because my husband and I were just talking about how kids don't know to look at the bottom of the box for a prize anymore!  I am so excited to relive that experience with my son, and with a brand he so loves!  I  will be buying a box tomorrow!

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