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                                     “GHOSTBUSTERS EXPERIENCE”
                                  “GHOSTBUSTERS: DIMENSION”

     This look absolutely amazing! And now you can go see it and save seven dollars while doing so! We have a special promo code exclusive to The Mommy's Guide readers, so that you can experience the fun and safe! Just put in code  7500 when you are checking out and save $7.00 per ticket! Oh what fun!

     Developed in collaboration with Sony Pictures and THE VOID, the Interactive Experience Inspired by the Highly Anticipated Movie “Ghostbusters” Opens at Madame Tussauds New York on July 1

[NEW YORK, New York, June 30, 2016] – July 1st marks the official opening of the all new Ghostbusters Experience exclusively at Madame Tussauds New York, made possible through a collaboration with Sony Pictures, Ghost Corps and THE VOID.  Created in advance of the highly anticipated movie Ghostbusters, in theaters July 15, the new experience is a fully immersive, authentic and multi-sensory space where guests are not only able to interact with Madame Tussauds’ newest figures, but also enter an authentic physical environment that brings the Ghostbusters story to life with an epic Hyper-Reality finale.

Stop Apologizing To Me!


                                         Stop Apologizing To Me! 
                                 I am here to tell you that it is OK that you do not want is OK.

     It is a truth universally known that a couple who is married and in their thirties are in want of a baby.  Unless- that is- they don’t. It is more and more common these days to see couples trotting around baby less and happy- and I want you to know, there is no need to apologize about it.
      I cannot tell you how many times a week I talk to my single friends and they are complaining about these kids crying in the restaurant, or baby vomit on the beach- and they say these six words “I just do not want kids” followed with an immediate apology to me- the one person in their age group that has a child. That statement usually follows with a roll of my eyes and a “oh shut up” but honestly it makes me wonder what makes them feel like they have to apologize to me? Is it simply because I pro-created, or is it because I enjoy motherhood so much? Either way it needs to stop, everyone chooses the path that their lives will go on. Our decisions may be different, but I do not judge you for not following the crowd.  You are an adult that can decide what kind of life you want to lead. If you want a kid have one- if you do not, then do not feel the need to apologize- especially to me because honestly I feel ya.

Bauli's Panettone Berry Trifle Recipie

                            Bauli's Panettone Berry Trifle


(4 serving)

1 Panettone
1 cup of Raspberries
1 cup of Blueberries
1 cup of sugar
4 tbsp Marsala
1 cup Mascarpone
2 cups Custard cream
2 tsp Vanilla extract
2 cups Fresh cream

WellieWishers! New Line Of American Girl Dolls! Available NOW


     When I was young girl my grandmother whom I called MaMa subscribed to the Pleasant Company American Girl catalog, for over a year my grandmother and I would go through all the pages, look at all the historical dolls with their period attire, and accessories with awe. They were just so beautiful. My MaMa started off by buying me the Felicity books -the character that I was most drawn to-written by the wonderful Valerie Tripp. I read all the books until pages actually fell out, and my love of the written word and my dreams of writing myself all stemmed from the pages of those books.  
   My MaMa got remarried to a wonderful man, and had a huge wedding.  I was the maid of honor and my sister was the flower girl. At the wedding she gave us both an American Girl Doll, I received Felicity, and my sister got Samantha. It is one of my most prized possessions.  That doll sits on my dresser to this day as does the collection of her adventures as a constant reminder of my Grandmother, and the piece of my childhood that helped form me to the person I am today.  Clearly I have been a huge fan of the company ever since and was just beyond excited when I was invited to go to the AmericanGirl Store In New York City to welcome in their new line of dolls the WellieWisher’s.

    We received a sneak peek before the doors opened and the line was available to purchase that day, enjoying some snacks in the cafĂ©, which no matter how old I am I always love, and hearing all about this wonderful line of dolls.  I also got to meet the writer of many of the American Girl books-
including Felicity- Valiere Tripp. I started talking to her and telling her how her series of books and doll Felicity impacted my life, and then I started crying like a little baby. I am not a woman who cries easily.  Thankfully Ms. Tripp was a wonderful woman and took it as a compliment instead of a crazy 30 something lady fangirling.  I was already busting at the seams when I received the invite- but to actually get to meet the author of the books I adored, to meet the woman that helped give me a lasting memory with my grandmother- was a real gift. So I am more than thrilled that Ms. Tripp has come together again to work with

Indoor Summer Toys To keep The Kids Occupied!

                        Rainy Day Actvities And Toys For The Summer! 


     It is an unfortunate fact of life that even in the summer there is always the chance of rain.
In fact, as I am typing the clouds are rolling in, and I am starting to hear the rumbling of thunder inching closer and closer. I personally love summer storms. Before I had a child it meant a long day in bed watching truly horrible (or academy acclaimed) movies and snuggling with my dog. Now that I have the little guy to entertain, I need some back up. Thank goodness I am well supplied.


      First on my list is Crayola.  I mean really I could just put that word there and do a mic drop, and everyone would slap their heads and be like DUH- we need to buy some crayons and 3d color books etc etc. However, I want to point out some truly fun items Crayola has for us this summer and for the upcoming school year that will help you get through the rain a little bit easier!
  Crayola Shopkins washable stampers and crayons will surely make the lines fans go crazy! The stampers add a bit of flare to their creations while the crayons with the shopkins labels will be a must have for all collectors! While we are on licensed items- we also have Finding Dora Markers and
crayons now available for everyone (even moms) and are adorable! I always find it amazing that everyone- including adults- always get so excited about a brand new box of Crayola Crayons- slap on a character on the box and creative tools and the crowd literally goes wild!
   Crayola Model Magic- is almost magical when it comes to play or molding dough.  The secret compound makes this product, insanely lightweight, non-crumbling (is that a word?)  it does not stick to the skin or any surfaces. With a variety of colors your child can create anything that they can imagine! When they are done with their creation you simply leave it out to dry for 24-36 hours and their

The Secret Life Of Pets Walking Talking TOYS! Our Review!

                           The Secret Life Of Pets Walking Talking TOYS!
                                             Presented by Spin Master Toys! 

      The Secret Live of Pets which comes out on July 8th- is sure to be a huge hit with the whole family. I have only seen sneak peaks and I cannot wait to check the movie out myself!  Spin Master Toys has a great line of toys that will help your kids bring the magic of the feature into your home and in their imaginations!  The Secret Life of Pets Walking talking Pets is a line that includes your favorite characters, Mel, Gidget, Snowball and Max! Each one is about 8 inches tall, made of sturdy but not abrasive plastic and is a perfect likeness to the stars on the screen. Yea, Yea, that is all well and good- but the best part is they all say unique catch phrases from the movie, as well as a unique movement.  Max is super adorbs, as he barks, screams out ball! And bounces around in true
puppy style! Gigdet (my favorite) is fast and furious and asks if “what are you doing today” says how luck she is to find you, and is just a total sweat heart!  The enraged Snowball is not all sweetness as he looks- he has battle cries like “to the sewers!” and scoots around on the rotator’s on his bottom while carrying his carrot! While lovable Mel shoots out jokes and bounces around- I love him!

     All of the characters are well made, and have tons of fun backed into each figure. Your kids will enjoy the actions they produce- as well as just playing with them like any other action figure! The battle life lasts a long time as my son

Angry Birds Games TNT Invasion

                    Angry Birds Games TNT Invasion


      Unless you have lived underneath a rock you have heard of a little thing called Angry Birds.   What started out as a app has turned into a phenomenon- its most recent move, a movie