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July 28th- August 3rd 2014

Monday July 28th
National Milk Chocolate Day

Scandinavian American Night
When: 7pm
Where: Eisenhower Park Lakeside Theater, East Meadow NY

Movie on the Lawn: 
When: Dusk
Where: Town Hall Park 200 E. Sunrise Hwy, Lindenhurst NY 11757
Info: (631)893-2100

Movies on The Lawn
Where: Bryant Park NYC
When: 5pm

The Art Studio in Rockville Centre
Where:221 North Long Beach Road, Rockville Centre NY 11570
When: Mondays and Wednesdays 11am-12pm for preschoolers. Other times available for older kids.
Cost:$20 a lesson or $75 a month
Info: (516)763-2050

TMNT Splash Blast Water Ball!

     Adding a new ninja-esque edge to the game Hot Potato, Little Kids toy company has come out with a great new game to fill your summer afternoons.  Easy to use, with no balloons required, all you have to do is add water!  After you add the water,  the timer will start ticking. Pass the TMNT themed ball back and forth until time runs out and you get splashed! Now I don't know if that is really "losing" per say on a hot summer day, but yes that is how you lose the game. Great with just a couple of kids or a whole slew, you will have the best backyard parties with this simple and easy to play game out on your lawn.

     This is easy enough for a five year old to do on their own; the only real issue is it is a hard plastic ball, so adult supervision is suggested or there may be tears if the kids get too "into" the game.  Overall though the toy is very well made, the cartoon is spot on to the character it portrays and it is one of those no-brainer buys.  The fact that it has no balloon inside adds to the positive feelings because it cancels out that nagging choking hazard, and annoyance of always having to fill up the balloon after each game.

     I love it, my kid loves it, and I cannot wait to get a pile of children over here to play this summer, because you know FOR SURE this is not one of those games you are going to get Mommy to play. I CANNOT take the pressure!

ASPCA ER Pet First Aid Kit Giveaway!

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                         Product Information:
     Protect your furry friends from harm with this Emergency Ready First Aid Kit! Comes pre-packed with all you'll need should you come across an injured animal who needs help. Emergency Ready Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit includes the following:

1 Durable zippered bag with organized compartments
1 Scissors
1 Tweezers
2 Exam-quality vinyl gloves
1 1" x 5 yd. first-aid tape roll
12 Antiseptic cleansing wipes
6 Antibiotic ointment packs
10 9" x 2" Gauze dressing pads
4 3" x 3" Gauze dressing pads
1 5" x 9" Trauma pad
1 2" x 5 yd. Wrap bandage

2 2" x 4½yd. Conforming gauze roll bandage
1 Eye Pad
1 Triangular Bandage
1 Eye wash
1 Hydrogen peroxide
1 Instruction guide that includes treatments for medical emergencies
- See more at: http://www.aspcaonlinestore.com/product/36422#sthash.OVRyOShY.dpuf

                                                Don't Forget to Get The App!!

 "The ASPCA mobile app is a must-have app for pet owners. This free app shows pet parents exactly what to do when a pet goes missing. It also allows pet owners to store vital medical records, and provides information on making life-saving decisions during natural disasters.

With a few swipes, you can:

     Access critical advice on what to do with your pet before, during, and after a major storm—even if there’s no data connectivity.
Receive a personalized missing pet recovery kit, including step-by-step instructions on how to search for a lost animal in a variety of circumstances.
Build a lost pet digital flyer that can be shared instantly on your social media channels.
Store and manage your pet’s critical health records.
     Get the latest and most relevant news about pets and animal welfare.
See adorable pet photos from Instagram.

To download our free app, press the links- iPhone or Android  You can download the app right to your phone, or download it to your desktop and load it onto your phone next time you sync!

Sesame Place Opens Up Their New MonsterLand!

     This past Father's Day we took our annual pilgrimage to the wonderful Sesame Place in Pennsylvania.  Every year we always spend a great day among all the wonderful rides and characters that don the impeccably clean theme park. No seriously, you will never find a cleaner theme park, ever, but I digress. This year we were in for a new experience with the opening of the new Cookie's Monster Land!  I was sad to see our old favorites go, like Cookie Mountain, Ernie's Bed Bounce, and the net climb that have been

The Madame Alexader Doll Company Legend of Oz Line Review

       The Madame Alexander Doll Company has come out with a line of cloth dolls for the movie Legend of Oz: Dorothy's Return. Keeping up to with their long tradition of celebrating pop culture and entertainment, the company has come out with a beautiful doll line to accompany the movie.
The line includes China Princess who is dressed in a red and salmon satin gown that has red ribbons and sparkly gold flecks, giving a completely regal look to this child friendly doll.
Glinda looks whimsical with her flip hairstyle and satin crown, the gown -also satin, has a two toned pink to it with a lace neck and puffed sleeve with printed flowers.  Dorothy is wearing her signature blue pinafore, but changes it up a bit with a pair of cowboy boots.  Her hair is a soft yarn, and her eyes look as if they are looking right at you- but not in the creepy way- In the "OH MY WORD THAT IS  SIMPLY GORGEOUS" way.  Scarecrow is my favorite with accents of straw yarn poking out of areas as well as his head. He is in tip top shape with his gold trimmed uniform and green sash- man he has grown up!  Tin man has his heart stored safely on his chest, and is made of a metallic knit. He looks dashing with his funnel hat and bow tie! The Cowardly Lion is a full on beauty with a golden mane and crown, he really does look like king of the forrrrrressssssst!!!

Monday July 20h- Sunday July 27th 2014

Monday July 21st
 National Junk Food Day

Magic & Comedy of Jim McClenahan
    10:30 AM Hendrickson Avenue Park, Elmont NY
     1:30 PM Levittown Veterans Memorial Park, Levittown NY

Movie on the Lawn: Monsters University
When: Dusk
Where: Town Hall Park 200 E. Sunrise Hwy, Lindenhurst NY 11757
Info: (631)893-2100

Movies on The Lawn
Where: Bryant Park NYC
When: 5pm

The Art Studio in Rockville Centre
Where:221 North Long Beach Road, Rockville Centre NY 11570
When: Mondays and Wednesdays 11am-12pmfor preschoolers. Other times available for older kids.
Cost:$20 a lesson or $75 a month
Info: (516)763-2050

3rd Annual Musical Chairs in Bryant Park
Where: Bryant Park Lawn, NYC

J- Animals The Wearable Stuffed Animals!

     Jay at Play has come out with this amazingly funny new "toy". The transformable J-Animals!  These are wearable stuffed animals-that's right I said wearable.  These little round plush friends come in a variety of animals, that when you unroll them turn into a jump suit. I am a huge fan of footie PJ's for people of all ages, and I myself have a gigantic blue sleep ez- complete with a zippered butt flap that I use all winter long to Christina's humilation- I will actually walk out of the house with said blue jumpsuit. I almost edited this out -C. Oh but you know it is SOOO true :)-MJ So when J-Animals came across my radar I was super excited.  They are perfect for slumber parties, snowed-in days, and camping trips.  Their heads are the hoods of the jumpsuit while the body unfolds and reveals the arms and legs. When you're done it easily folds up and changes back into soft plush. AMAZING.
     They are made with a soft polyester blend and are really very warm to wear, with no zippers, you just hop in through the top, leaving only feet exposed so you don't have to worry about your little guy slipping and sliding all over the place.  Available in a pink zebra, kitty cat, unicorn, puppy dog, and giraffe, these guys are just a hilarious gift that really anyone will laugh receiving- and they WILL wear them.  This is not a gag gift, this is a great gift for the smallest in your family to the oldest! They have a size perfect for you and it will bring a smile to your face.  The younger ones will love the fact that they are also stuffed animals while the older ones will realize that before they had these little guys that they were cold----alll the time!  So go for it, get one of these for the one you love!

* I was given this product for the purpose of a review however all opinions are my own- I mean look at this... COME ON!!

Buy one today $29.95 plus shipping. These little guys are now arriving at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, and Kmart stores nationwide!
Find J-Animals on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @JAnimals_Official!

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