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Great Stocking Stuffers and Hanukkah Gifts!

We all know that Wreck It Ralph is the hottest new movie right now! For good reason! Well now you can collect your favorite characters, with the Disney's Ralph Breaks The Internet Power Pac Figure 2 Pack-Series 1. Each pack comes with one figures, in a blind box (fancy) they are 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall highly detailed. and comes with a transparent display base. As an added bonus you can add these characters to the  Pac-Man: Ralph Breaks the Maze App for some awesome toy to video game action that I love! Great for stocking stuffers for fans of all ages!

    Who says that Yo-Yo's cannot be customized! With the Hyper Cluster Yo-Yo Starter Pack you can bring this classic toy to the next level! Each set includes a core th
at will either enhance performance in a SPEED, STAMINA, or LOOP category. There are also different Skins to decorate to your liking and make it extra awesome! Each set includes two Stamina Skins, A Control Core with precision bearings, a Cluster Cable and a High Performance yo-yo string! Very neat! 

 Smashy Mashy are new awesome collectibles, That come in a ooze reveal canister (the ooze stays in the packaging parents I know you will be happy with this!) and once opened reveal a squishy buddy, an accessory secret file, sticker and a chain so you can hang it around your book bag! Very fun, and great to be hung in the stockings with care!

Sticky Poop, Yes you are reading that right, and yes you know allllll the kids are going to love it because no matter what one thing remains true. Poop is funny. This emoji styled poop is a tacky mold-able
stress ball that you can fling on the wall and it will stick, which is just kinda hilarious when you thing about it. Great for kids, and for those who while at work wouldn't mind throwing around the sh*t in a semi literal way. This is just a funny little thing that will create a lot of laughs.

Stikbots are not only still around but are better than ever. This Holiday season you can buy a bunch of Stikbot Dino Eggs. Each one includes one species of Dino but hours of imaginative play and various appearances in your child's Stikbot stop motion videos!  Is there anything else to add other than
the obvious- they are awesome!

       This season I have found that interacting coding toys are the best things around. That includes the fantastic new Cubelets Discovery Set.  This is he newest set that is packed to the brim with robot building fun for ages four and up. Which is just fantastic.

 For those of you who are new to the company- Cubelets are palm sized blocks of software filled hardware. Each of the cubes have a different functions which when put together create coding magic!  Coding is not necessarily a new thing in the toy world. However we are coming to a point where it is being conceptualized in a way that makes it user friendly for the whole family at a point price that allows many families able to afford it. This is fanatasitc because I like many other people understand that coding may soon be one of those skills everyone will need to have a general knowledge of.
    With Cubelets you explore different combinations in order to make your robot perform certain skills.  What makes this toy unique is that you  are using your physical building cubes to create that code so it can preform the intended task. Crazy right, it is literally a hands on way to learn code!
Want to hear something even crazier? They are magnetic so there are no screws to attach and detach, no "Mommmmm can you help me" nothing. They can do it all themselves! I think it is just the bees knees.
      The set also includes the Bluetooth Hat which will pair your robot constructions with wireless devices in the surrounding area. Using this feature you can add different abilities via the Cubelets app.
   Speaking of the App. This feature is not needed for all the fun but definitely enhances it. It is, in essence your portals inside the cube! A direct link to the software inside! You can use it to manipulate individual cubes and change your already constructed robot completely.  You can make pre-existing code and store it in the app and then with a touch of a button use the personality swap to change the code 123. There are also attachments that let you add Lego (or off brand Lego) bricks onto your robot making it as creative as you want. Personalizing both what is inside and outside of your robot! It becomes truly your own.
  Sounds pretty fantastic I know, but what I really love- other than just playing around with it, is the fact that it can grow with your child giving him or her years of enjoyment and learning. A Four year old will learn the basics of the Robotics, as well as cause and effect where a 7 and older will learn more about pattern recognition, critical thinking or design and engineering. This is a "toy" that will open up the world to your youngins for years to come. So if you are going for long lasting, educational, fun, and something you can do with your whole family- Look no further it has arrived! Available on Amazon and is on sale right now!

The Reindeer In Here


     Elves on your shelves move over for a new friends The reindeer In Here is the HIT Christmas Item of the season that is absolutely going to be a family favorite for years to come. No Kidding! Where as the Elf is here to keep an eye on you, Reindeer In Here is sent by Santa to get to know each and every child! For your whole season you can take your friend with you and show him all your likes, dislikes, go on adventures and show them what kind of boy or gal you are inside and out!  After all your play during the day the magic happens at night.  That's  when the reindeer will send Santa a Letter a night for a whole month sharing all the amazing adventures you went on. He will tell Ol' Kris Kringle your child's likes, dislikes, personality, EVERYTHING! Helping Santa deliver that one special Christmas Wish on Christmas Eve! Then on Christmas you can leave your Reindeer under the tree to fly back to the North Pole until he returns next year!
    What a nice treat this was to find at TTPM. We have all these little creepy things to spy on the kids, that I find it refreshing that Santa is not sending an undercover agent, but a friend to get to know your child! There are no rules or restrictions for how the kids can interact with him. Which gives them the experience to truly engage with the product and make it their own. It is so well crafted and snugly as well that it will even live through all those adventures and washings if needed!  I am sure my son will not want to let it out of their sight after Christmas- and that is OK! Reindeer In Here also has a bunch of sidekicks that can come along for the fun, including a penguin, snowman, Seal, and a polar bear, that are featured in the story and all have fun personalities.
Reindeer In Here comes in a lovely box that includes his story which is just as lovely as the plush! They will want to read it all season long!
     The Author and creator whom I meet during the TTPM event was so genuine in his love of this product.  When he was speaking with my son about it, I swear his eyes had a little bit of twinkle in them! Who knows he could be the big guy himself! He truly wanted to create a product that the kids would love and they will! So get yourself now before they disappear off the shelf's until next year- because guys... This is going ot be a think. I Guarantee it!

*We were given this product for consideration for review- all our opinions are our own!

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Review

   The Call of Duty Black Ops Series has been a favorite in our household since its first release, so we were crazy excited for Black Ops 4 which promised to be the best one yet. It did not disappoint even without its usual campaign which has been taken off the roster. With the Battle Royale, which can be played as a lone wolf or as a team, and the zombie mode I hardly even realize  it was gone until I was already playing for weeks. Talking about playing lets ease everyone's minds right off the bat. There is no lagging, there is no glitches and the wait time is really next to nothing. Graphics are of course top notch, and the character movement is smooth as molasses, running, dodging, jumping and hiding with ease. Another thing to note is that The Specialists, Ruin, Battery, Prophet, Seraph and Nomad are back from Black Ops3 with returning characters and new secret weapons as well! These will prove useful as health no longer auto-generates so if you have Crash on your team you will have a bit more ammo and health boost for the whole team. Honestly though after a bit of a play through you won't even notice as the stim shot is unlimited with after the cool-down timer runs through.

   There are ten new maps, and four remastered that fans will appreciate. Each has its own unique settings and are a ton of fun to run through. There are also new objective modes Heist and Control. Control is like a high stakes capture the flag which I always find fun. Heist is a 5v5 mode that has your team stealing a bag of cash before the other team does. You are given money and a weapon to start out with and then can get more cash and resources along the way. Once you get the cash you have to go to the extraction point. I haven't done much with this version but my son has started to really grasp it and get into it so I see myself being less of a noob in the future.
   Then there is the Blackout version, which is the first time Call of Duty has gone into the battle royale arena. I think it was a bloody brilliant idea. As we know that certain other game is hot right now, but also filled with kids! This is a great way for an adult to enjoy this kind of game play with people (for the most part) of their own age. I have been playing it quite a bit and I kinda sucked, not gonna lie, but literally every team I was spawned into were great kind and helpful and it reminded me really why I always enjoy playing these games. The people playing are awesome! Well I guess it figures great minds and all!. Extra bonus there is a zombie location on the map that has some awesome loot if you dare go in there! You can play solo duos or a full team. Its fantastic fit for a fantastic game.

   Speaking of zombies, the zombie mode is kinda cool this time around. They have really made it playable for both old timers and new players alike letting you really customize how you play.  There are three boards, a gladiator arena, which is called Chaos Story, and split into two parts there is also Blood Of the Dead which follows Aether story and the original four characters from the Treyarch's Zombie story, as well as Voyage of Despair on the Titanic. I wonder if I will see Jack there?
   The tutorial is a run through of Voyage of Despair and has great  commentary that is funny and walks you through the basics. Once you go through that successfully you can select the new Rush mode, play classically, and select levels of difficulty which helps me out when playing with the kids, I can set it on causal and look like a "boss". My Hubby is fond of Realistic.
     A new addition is also the create a class option that I have not really figured out yet, but essentially its setting yourself up before hand instead of buying from the gumball machines on the map. You already have made your elixirs, chosen your special before playing. But what is kinda cool is you can actually assign where those perks will spawn on the map. This makes the zombie mode a part of the game that you can really make your own, and you can actually help you grow within the game.
    To sum it up, if you are a fan of the franchise you are going to love the game. The ease of  getting into a match, the fluid movements, the tactical strategies, weapons, and various modes are going to make you wonder why there was even a campaign to begin with! Love it recommend it for our age apporperiate players. Must have, don't wait for Christmas get it now! Great Job Acivision!

*We recieved a code to review, all opinions are our own.

Christmas Guide Part One! GAMES

    We have a great way for the whole family to get into the football season without having to go out and play for themselves!  The NFL Electric Football. This is the same game platform that has been used since it first hit the marketplace in 1947- yes my uncle has spoken of this game fondly for many years, just with a bit of an upgrade.
  You can choose your favorite teams to play against each other with stickers that are included put in the two double A batteries and you are ready to go!
   So how do you play. Two players hit the field with 11 pieces, with the goal to advance the ball by running passing kicking and of course scoring. You do this by customizing your own plays and strategically places your pieces on the field. The "cleats" that you put on your pieces will help them to advance or help to defend, so choose wisely. What is really cool is that just like in the original version of the game, the vibration is what makes the action happen! Once you place your pieces in their correct position you press the button on the hand held remote and bam the game is a foot! You can even control the strength of the vibrations so it goes faster or slower. very simple very neat.

 This is a great game, it builds interpersonal skills, hand eye coordination, and gets that brain bumping to figure out how to win! You can buy a assortment of sets to make your field loook tiiiight as my son would say, but honestly this is great and easy to use right out of the box/ This was an easy add on to our must have toys this year!

*A sample of the product was given for the purpose of review. All Opinions are our own.

   In a battle between lizards, only one will survive. Oh calm down you don't need to call PETA on me, I am talking about this great game from YULU called Tic Tac Tongue. This is actually the very first thing listed on my sons Christmas wish list which I believe says a lot.  Everyone wears an adorable lizard face mask that ou can blow into and make the tongue flick about. One player flips over a number card, the other players have to flick over the correct number of insect cards that are set up on the table. The first person who knocks down the most insects the fastest wins! Bam! This game is fantastic for so many reasons. There is no set up- you open up the box and you play. No batteries are required, and the rules are minimal. Making this just a quick fun game that you can play at a drop of a dime! The game comes with 4 lizard masks with washable mouthpieces as well as 10 target cards 10 game cards and game rules! Instant fun at a low price point you cannot lose!

*A sample of the product was given for the purpose of review. All Opinions are our own.

Ravensburger gives us a great new game for the kiddos called Five Little Fish! Giving a new angle to that rotating fishing game we have all grown up loving, you know the one where the fish have magnets in their mouths and you have a dingy rode with a magnet and you try and catch it. I love those things. Anyway Five Little Fish is the same in concept. You pick up a card that reveals what color fish you need to catch. After you choose your card you get your fishing rod in hand and then choose which fish you believe will be the color you are looking for if it is a match then you get to keep your catch if it doesn't you have to wait for another turn to try again with a different color. This game is both interactive and great for motor skills, but also a fun new twist on the memory game as the board moves you will have to keep track on which fish is which! Great game highly recommend it!

*A sample of the product was given for the purpose of review. All Opinions are our own.

Watermelon Smash- another great game from YULU and sold exclusivity in target.This game is adorable honestly. A nice twist on the good old water roulette game. In this fast paced game you spin to see how many times you have to (gently) press the watermelon against your head before you can pass it on to the next player. You will never know when it will crack so you are always in a suspenseful state! Once the watermelon cracks on someone turns they will either be covered with water, or plastic watermelon seeds (included) and then are out of the game! Be the last player left to avoid having the watermelon crack on your turn and you win! The best part about this game- other than the game play itself, is that you can play during all seasons. A fun water game in warm weather, or dry if it is raining or freezing outside! Love it. Available now and surely to win the hearts of everyone that plays!

*A sample of the product was given for the purpose of review. All Opinions are our own.

  Christmas Time Is Here! Gather All That Cheer! This year we are bringing you the best of the best toys we have out there. It was hard this year to find items that were actually worth the money you can spend on them. Is it just me? Or have toys just gotten kinda repetitive and sad?
   Everything is tiny, blind, or does little to nothing- literally.  I see the kids rip open the package in a fury then place the unicorn poop hybrid figure on their shelf never to be touched again,.  Nothing promotes imaginative play, or stimulates education like they use too.
      Oh my goodness I am sounding old aren't I? Well If I am I am sorry, but I am feeling  the loss of Toys R Us.I use to walk up and down the aisles to pick and choose what I wanted to buy the kids. I use to reminiscence about my father telling me "go for it" when I finally found something worth asking for. I am missing the toys on those shelves. The hidden gems you found that weren't screaming at you during our kids shows commercial breaks. that "ahhh" moment when you knew you found that perfect gift for that kid in your life. I MISS it dammit.
      I am feeling the loss of innocence during the holidays, and as someone who works directly with the toy companies I feel like they are at a loss too. They are pushing products but without the same enthusiasm they once held. 90 percent of what I say this year was not even worth mentioning.
 We need toys to promote imagination, we need to promote fun and yes we even need toys that promote education (bleh). Right now these companies are just repeating the same things they have come up with for the last four years and re- making it into something slightly different from the original. Where are the new ideas!  Four years ago was the last time I was truly excited about what was coming for the holidays. After that I feel like the world has went stagnant.  You will read studies and they will all say that it is because we live in the time of the screens. Which is partly true. As an eighties baby myself, we may not have had mobile phones and tablets and alike, but we had TV, VHS, game boys and gaming systems. We had portable "laptops" that had games on them that made the beep beep beep that drove all our parents nuts. Yes things have gotten wayyy cooler but honestly I don't think that technology is not the only problem here. It is the way we parent. Instead of giving the kids toys that promote imaginative play, we give them the game controller. Instead of sitting and reading with them we give them a tablet. We say sure when they want to download an app then delete it five minutes later. For crying out loud most kids would rather watch other kids play with toys on Youtube than play with them themselves.
    I think this year we all need to make a resolution to cut it out (as Dave Coulie would say) and make our kids imagine, stop doing things because its easy, and maybe this will give the toy companies the drive to produce some truly spectacular things next year! Lets bring the fun back to toys as a community! I think we can do it.

    Now that, that rant is over I can tell you that all the toys that I am reviewing, I love. We are sent a lot of toys every year, and to the marketers dismay there is no guarantee that they will make it on my site. (Sorry guys it is true.) I don't get paid for my reviews, which means basically that it is up to me whether or not I write about something. So if you see an item up here- unless it says "AD" then I am not getting any money for the review. What I am writing I believe, because otherwise you wouldn't see it on my site. Period. My point being that I think that despite my kinda melancholy monologue up there I think we do have some cool things for the kiddos this year, and we hope you like them as well! Let us know what you think- let us know what you think we should add- and finally- Let The Mommy's Guide To Toys, finally begin!

-MJ Aucone

When looking for a karate school for my son, I had a lot of requirements. I wanted a traditional style, classes that encouraged hard work, and a friendly atmosphere for both children and their parents. That is exactly what I found at Adel's International Karate Center. This school teaches traditional Shotokan karate and also offers kids' and adults' fitness classes.  Kids can start at as young as three years old. The teachers are excellent, encouraging the students to work hard while still making it fun for the kids. The owner and his family, who all practice karate, are very kind and welcoming. The instructors ensure that the students are safe and comfortable, they are taught techniques that are effective for self-defense, and emphasis is placed on respect. Classes are offered every day, and the schedule is flexible so you don't have to attend on the same days each time, which makes it extremely convenient. My son has been attending for several years now, and after seeing what a wonderful opportunity it was, I decided to join myself! My son and I enjoy both the karate and fitness classes.  For advanced students, weapons training is also available.  Birthday parties are offered here as well. The first class is a free trial so check it out!

For More Information Visit Their Website! 
Adel's International Karate Center
2928 Long Beach Road, Oceanside NY 11572
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