The Mommy's Guide To Events!

Curious Chef Veggie and Fruit Prep Kit!

   It is time for our children to start cooking!  (Parents rebel and yell at me) Alright ladies and gents calm down- I understand that cooking with little ones is dangerous, I mean I didn’t let my son use the stove until he was at least two... (kidding, kidding). Nevertheless, it is very important to teach our children all fundamentals in life, and cooking is one of them.  There is a great company out there called Curious Chefs that have a variety of child safe cooking utensils that are PERFECT for any young aspiring chefs!  We have received the 6 Piece Veggie and Fruit Prep kit and used it one

LifeStraw GO: Providing Clean Water for EVERYONE!


      LifeStraw Go is a great product that is ready to produce clean water for you no matter what adventure you go on! This portable water bottle has its own 2-stage filtration system that makes water from any source delicious just by sipping it! The water bottle uses replaceable activated carbon capsule that reduces chlorine, organic chemical matter and makes it taste great for up to 26 gallons!  The advanced fiber membrane technology uses, removes waterborne bacteria and protozoa and 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, including E-coli. This is literally the perfect portable water system for the adult adventurer or for the kids on the playground! No longer will moms say NO to their kids using the park water fountain. With their LifeStraw all they have to do is fill up the bottle and it is ready to drink.  Our family have been using it for over a month now and I have to say no matter where the water  comes from it will tastes great- fresh and crisp, and as we know will be safe to

Our Summer Outdoor Must HAVES!

                                              Outdoor Summer Play MUST HAVES!

     Sky Bouncer, this is no ordinary “flying disc” this is a game changer. The Sky Bouncer is leaves all others behind with its flawless flight and super hero like ability to bounce off walls! Yes, leaving all others in its wake this disc can bounce up to 25 off of walls or floors, and fortunately for us not our children’s heads! This soft yet durable plastic toy is great for the beach used for a traditional game of short range Frisbee game on the beach or to make the old game of hand ball a little more exciting.  We have used this repeatedly since receiving it, and have had a blast doing so! The bounce technology makes this great to play with the kids, and can take a beating without breaking- even the dog loves it! He has gone after it several times and his teeth has not penetrated through the rubber.  Great for outdoor play get your kids away from the screens for a while and tire them out with the amazing Sky Bouncer!  


Finding Dory, Blow Up Ball Pit Jakks Pacific  : Finding Dory has filled our hearts up with joy- as we knew she would and now she can fill up our days with fun with this amazing blow up ball pit.  A wonderful product from Jakks Pacific this inflatable ball pit is small enough to fit inside the house (sized at 33.5”x34”x34) and durable enough to bring out side (placed on a sheet so you do not accidently puncture it with any random sticks etc.). It is the perfect size for ages 2 plus and includes 20 soft flex balls.  The fun graphics as well as the interactive play panel, ball toss roof and two crawl holes are guaranteed to keep the kiddos occupied for at least an hour (yea I timed it) and the price of $30.00 is perfect for your budget! We have used this to entertain toddlers during family get together and have really enjoyed not only watching them play, but the little bit of peace we received while they were entertained!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Big Wheel Turtle Racer is another great item that we received from Jakks Pacific! Who does not have memories of riding around like you owned the streets (or in our case sidewalks) in their very own Big Wheels when we were kids. In our case it was a nice bright yellow and red, but now your children can have the same adventures with their very own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed ride!Read our full review here!

     This Beach Basket Set comes from one of our very favorite companies American Plastic Toys and has already become a family favorite.  This eight-piece set features a large basket (duh) that holds a pail, shovel three sand shapers, and sand castle mold. The lid not only holds everything securely inside, but acts as a sand sieve when looking for gold- or you know shells depending on what type of adventure you are taking it on. Wash everything off in the ocean or at a rinse station and order one for their kids. I myself have purchased several as graduation and birthday gifts and have received rave reviews. Simple, well made, and affordable what more could you ask for? American Plastics has done it again! 

TMNT Meets Big Wheels! Our Review!


     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Big Wheel Turtle Racer is another great item that we received from Jakks Pacific! Recieving this in the mail brought back instant memories of riding around when I was a child I felt like I owned  streets (or in my case my driveway).  Now our kids can bring out their own adventures in their very own Big Wheels. Back in our day (as my bff Peter always like to say) our Big Wheels were a nice bright yellow and red, but now your children can have the same adventures with their very own Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed ride! This TMNT Green BW has a 16-inch front wheel that helps your child pedal like the speed demon they are, has cool sticker graphics (that you need to place on) and an adjustable seat so it can grow with your child!  

   Perfect for new riders, or experts the age range is  3-8 years old or up to 70 pounds, and it rides just as smooth as I remember. Not that I got on it – although I may have tried- it was a blast to see my son weaving in and out of obstacles like I did as child. He dressed up as his favorite turtle and rode around stopping Shredders minions the infamous Foot Soldiers and if you can believe it even pretended to be delivering pizza! This is THE PERFECT thing for summer days or late summer evenings, filled with playing with the kids on the block and riding around while looking for fire flies. Can you feel the nostigia? I certainly can! We loved it and we think you will too!

**We recieved this item from Jakks Pacific for review, however as always our opinions are our own. If we do not like it we will not write about it! Our opinions CANNOT be bought! Thank you so much for letting us try this amazing product!***

Air Hogs 360 HoverBlade Review!

      Master aerial stunts and tricks that defy gravity with the Air Hogs 360 Hoverblade! Toss it into the air and be amazed by its 360-degree boomerang action! You’re in complete control — twist, turn, hover and soar! Use the throttle control to fly your 360 Hoverblade indoors and outdoors. With a durable foam-body and easy-to-fly design, the 360 Hoverblade is ready for all the twisting boomerang action you can throw at it.
     Air Hogs 360 Hoverblade: Holy coolness Batman- The Air Hogs 360 Hoverbalde is literally one of the coolest things I have played with recently.  Take this bad boy out of the box, place 4 AA batteries into the remote and charge the Hoverblade via charge port and connector. All set, OK turn it on and throw that baby in the air and prepare to be WOWED!  Yea I mean it throw it in the air! Now using the remote control speed, turn it about and let it fly! Used both indoors (where you cannot break anything) or outside in an area that has little to no trees, you can fly this baby seamlessly. Learn tricks, like making it hover mid air (harder than it sounds but super fun) twisting or turning it around with a flick of the finger.  The more you practice the more you will be in control, and complicated moves you can master with it. Absolutely fantastic for beginners in the aerial arena, but also fun for true pros both will have no problem having fun with this amazing and innovative toy.

Free Things To Do this summer!

     Summer is officially here, and I am THRILLED! Now that school has let out- it is time for some of my favorite FREE activities to come back! Listed here are Sprinkler Parks (some may have a fee- so please double check) Free Out door movies all around the Island, as well as the tour of Town of Hempstead sponsored concerts, magic shows and reptile exhibits! Remember to check out our Calendar for weekly events, and our ready made lists of Library's, free or low cost museums and zoos and playgrounds for more fun and FREE events to keep your family entertained, and your pockets full of your hard earned money!

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CamelBack Beach: Mummy's Oasis Reveal and Review!

     CamelBack Beach is just a mere five minutes from the CamelBack Resort and is a great addition to your summer fun! Besides being an amazing waterpark, Camelback beach as the added bonus of being a waterpark in the mountain’s! Giving it amazing views all over the park, as well as tons of water filed fun!
     We were invited for the day as well as the unveiling of their new child friend area Mummy's Oasis! This new attraction is designed specifically for the younger attendees of the park. With only six inches of water, they can safely run all around the fortress, while getting squirted by numerous sprinklers, bubbles, geysers, water wheels and cannons!  There is even a pint sized dumping bucket that goes off every 45 seconds and gets you and your family soaked with the 1,000 gallons of water it dumps out. Yea, 1,0000 gallons is considered pint sized at Camelback!  This ride was approved by the kids who not only spent a good part of the morning there, but went back for more over and over again! What a great addition to what I learned was a wonderful water park.