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Kids Go Head-to-Head Against Grown-Ups In A Test Of Creativity July 17-28th

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Westchester Hosts the Ultimate Imagination Build-Off Challenge                                                              from July 17-28

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    "Yonkers, N.Y. (July 12, 2017) – Beat the summer heat while igniting your creativity at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Westchester with the Kids vs. Grown-Ups Imagination Build-Off Challenge. LEGOLAND® Discovery Centers across the globe are inviting kids and adults to go head-to-head in the ultimate test of creativity. LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester’s Model Builders will judge the build-off competitions every weekday from Monday, July 17 through Friday, July 28.

         Who will reign supreme when it comes to creative creation: kids or grown-ups?

The Kids vs. Grown-Ups Imagination Build-Off Challenge will be held twice daily, at 3:30pm and 5:30pm, and consist of a five-minute challenge where kids and adults build a creation straight from their imagination – no limits, no boundaries, no rules – just pure creativity. Challenges will be officiated and judged by Model Builders including LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester’s Master Model Builder, Anthony Maddaloni.

All participants will be entered into a final Imagination Build-Off contest with the chance to win a one-hour private build session with Maddaloni and a Summer Pass ($35 value). The Summer Pass, good through Labor Day, allows the pass holder to build memories all summer long with unlimited visits and additional discounts in the cafĂ©, LEGO® Store and on birthday parties.

“LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester is designed to provide LEGO play experiences that power creativity and learning through shared LEGO fun for adults and children,” said Master Model Builder Anthony Maddaloni. “We are really excited to see the energy and imagination that comes from kids and adults alike.”

A number of studies suggest that creativity tends to take a sharp decline at around six years old. Although children are still using about 80 percent of their creative potential at age five, research reveals that creative output drops to a shocking two percent by the time they are twelve.

“Especially for adults, the stress of everyday life can impact our creativity levels,” said Maddaloni. “With an overall lack of time in the day, our imaginations are not being exercised – and, as a result, kids might just have the upper hand when it comes to creativity, but I guess we’ll find out for sure during the upcoming build challenges! Whatever your age, our goal here at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester is to reignite your imagination and love of play.”

Located at Westchester’s Ridge Hill in Yonkers, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester stimulates young minds to imagine, discover and create. Ideal for children aged 3-10 years, the attraction offers a wide range of educational and interactive elements. Visitors can see New York's top landmarks made out of LEGO bricks, learn secrets from the Master Model Builder, experience the attraction’s indoor soft play, score big on two LEGO rides, and enjoy a 4D LEGO Movie.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester is located at 39 Fitzgerald Street in Yonkers, NY. They can be reached at 866-243-0770 or by visiting For the latest news and updates, follow @LDCWestchester on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Westchester
LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester is a 32,300 square-foot indoor attraction featuring millions of LEGO bricks. Its range of educational and interactive elements appeal to a wide range of ages, with a focus on children ages 3-10. The attraction features classes led by Model Builders to engage the minds of its young visitors, two LEGO rides, a new 4D LEGO Movie, special birthday party rooms and MINILAND — the venue’s signature re-creation of landmark locations and buildings throughout Westchester County and New York City, made entirely out of LEGO bricks.

Flower Fairies Secret Garden Review


     Flower Fairies have been around since 1923. That is when Cicely Mary Barkers published her truly original book of drawings.  The book contained botanically accurate drawings of flowers, accompanied by Fairies inspired by her loved ones. These Fairies have become beloved ever since by both adults and children all around the world inspiring a book series as well as the Flower Fairies Secret Garden.  

     Now you can bring the beloved Fairies from the page and into your home with these beautifully crafted figurines and decorations! Create your own magical garden with a secret fairy door, entering into a fully decorated garden including trees,  stepping stones with inspirational wording, and occupied by beautiful fairies.  So much fun for both kids and aduts to indulge in, you can make any space in your house a home to the fairy realm with ease.
  I made my fairy garden into a centerpiece for my table (I got this amazing mushroom lamp from Cracker barrel and the rest is history) and had such fun placing the pieces just the way I liked them. It brought back  memories of decorating a doll house- only I didn’t need the actual doll house to enjoy it. This is one of the appeals of this set. It stirs up that whimsical feeling of wanting to immerse yourself in a world of your own creation- something that stays with us no matter how old we get!  After it was set up I started leaving little notes in the mail box which opens and closes (A feat not easily done just so you know) so that when my niece visits she has a little message from the fairy realm! She has even taken to leaving thimbles of milk for her little fairy friends! The Pieces are `made of plastic so I do not have to worry when she climbs on the chair and starts playing with them- even though my inner ocd wants to put them back the way they are (remember sharing is caring!). I could not love this idea, or these beautifully crafted pieces more! I cannot wait to buy more to make an even bigger Fairy Realm for the whole family to enjoy…even if that means they cannot eat on the table!

       Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity to review Flower Fairies!

Angry Commenters- It Is Time For An Intervention


     Listen, we have known each other for quite a while, and I feel like we are at a point in our relationship that we can be honest with each other. So, it is with a heavy heart that I am holding this intervention. Yes, I said it INTERVENTION.  Social media debates are getting out of control and we are all to blame- yes even you.
     In the age where social media is colliding head on with hot topic issues, I feel as though we as a people have stopped listening to one another. World Wide people are fighting for rights, rallying against injustices.  Together we are celebrating social accomplishments- yes, the 13th Doctor I am talking to you- as well as equally important things not pertaining to Doctor who, and we all have opinions about it. We all love that there is an open virtual community where we can come together to discuss everything from the feral cats running around town to the Trump Health Care Bill, in a respectful and intelligent manner. We have the technology, now if we could only get down that whole respectful and intelligent thing we would be all set. Because the sad truth is  instead of using these assists to learn from one another and debate in a rational manner what is really happening is quite distasteful. Forums are filled with people SCREAMING opinions at each other- using bold text, snide remarks, sarcasm, truly unintelligent retorts and even threats. We are too busy ramming how we feel down each other’s throats that the benefits of this amazing social tool are getting lost.

     What was a tool that was developed for good has been compromised and taken to the dark side.(Que epic music here and maybe picture me wearing a cape flapping in the wind)  Do not lose hope people of the world! I know we can bring it back to the light but we need to work together.  Using TMG’s Five Steps To Debate Like a Grown Up, we can all (including myself) start communicating in a more productive manner.

Girlz N Dollz: A Review

   Girlz N Dollz line of plush rag dolls are one of the cutest series of affordable plush's I have seen in a long while.  We received Jumbo Leila Princess Doll- from the "Jumbo" line of Girlz N Dollz. Leila is perfectly fitted in her pink dress and not only looks good but is soooo soft to the touch!  The creator of the line is in love with both dolls and fashion and with the help of her own little girl created a line that reflected that the mantra of their line  "I AM ME"
   This doll makes me fell like a kid again, I can just picture myself receiving this as a gift and carrying her around on adventures all the while still being able to cuddle up with her to sleep at the end of the day. Leila, like all the dolls in the line is machine washable, which helps because she will absolutely be going off on adventures your little ones and what is a adventure without a little mess!

  Girlz and Dolls did not reduce detail just because they wanted to make  a soft plush.  The clothing is beautiful and durable. The hair soft as a blanket but sturdy enough to be carried around by it.  The faces are beautifully embroidered and friendly.  Not like other dolls, you know  what I am talking about. Those dolls have that scary empty look to them, the ones you do not want to find in a dark empty room at 1am- yea you won't find any of those in this line. Every piece on this doll is made with a high quality standard plush that allows you to keep the appeal of a plush without losing that uniqueness of an actual doll.  `

  My final verdict- you cannot go wrong when you have Girlz N Dollz in your corner. They have small dolls, jumbo dolls, mermaids, and even a boy doll! You will find exactly what you are looking for and your child will find a friend for life!

I was given this toy to review, however the opinions are my own

Spray Parks All Over Long Island!

           Long Island Is going to be getting HOT HOT HOT! Cool Down at one of the many Spray Parks on the Island!

Eisenhower Park has a great playground with a sprinkler area at parking field 2.- It was going under construction so please confirm before you make your way out there!
Where: Merrick and Stewart Ave- East Meadow

Grant Park- Our local park this has a small spray park, play grounds, roller and ice hockey rinks- and lots of geese!!
Where: Broadway and Sheridan Avenue, Hewlett

Blumenfeld Family Park: Playground, lawn, and spray pool!
Where: Main St., Port Washington

Shipwreck Cove Spray Park: This one looks awesome! Large Play area, slides, sprayers, rope climbing dumping water!
Where:Bay Shore Marina

Venetian Shores Park: Open to Town Of Babylon residents only!
When: Granada Pkwy, Lindenhurst

Tobay Beach: Updated with a snack shack, picnic area,  daily fee.
Where:Ocean Parkway, Oyster Bay

Phelps Lane Pool: Interactive spray pool,  for own of babylon residents only
Where: Phelps Lane, North Babylon
There's a large interactive spray pool here for Town of Babylon residents only.

Hoyt Farm: Smithtown residents with a sticker only, has play area and spray park
Where:200 New Hwy, Commack

Tanner Park: Interactive Spray Park! Daily fee without permit
Where: Kerrigan Rd., Copiague

Cantiague Park: Pool and interactive Water Play area
Where: West John St., Hicksville

Cow Meadow Park
Where:Freeport, South Main Street


    Easter is hopping on over and we need to be prepared! The Easter Bunny can bring a variety of treats, but we here have the list of must haves for your little hatchlings no matter what their age! So with no further ado- here is our Easter Gift Guide!

Peeps! They aren't just for eating anymore! 
Grow your own PEEPS!?! With PEEPS Grow-a-Peep, kids just add water to the included container and watch the egg hatch to reveal a bunny or chick inside! Replace with clean water – then watch the PEEP grow up to 3X its size!  Available in 4 colors: green, pink, blue, and yellow. MSRP: $2.99; Ages 3+
PEEPS Sidewalk Chalk offers fun outdoor Easter play. The iconic bunny shaped chalk is easy to hold, and draws smooth, bold, bright lines and includes 3 different color pieces. MSRP: $2.99; Ages 3+

Jelly Belly Scented Fun! 
I know that no matter how old we get one thing stays the same- bubbles are awesome! We have some fun options for your Easter basket this year! 
With the Jelly Belly On-The-Go Bubbles Assortment, the iconic Jelly Belly® shaped bottle now holds scented bubbles! With a convenient clip, you can now carry your favorite Jelly Belly scented bubbles on-the-go. Comes in Very Cherry, Berry Blue and Green Apple and includes 2.7 fl oz of scented bubbles and wand. MSRP: $1.99, Ages 3+
Jelly Belly Mini Wands are perfect for parties, favors, and on-the-go bubble fun! Each item includes 4 mini bubble wands so multiple kids can play. Berry Blue, Very Cherry and Green Apple scented solution included and each wand holds .16 fl oz of scented bubble solution.  MSRP: $1.99, Ages 3+

When you think Brio- you think of high quality fun for the little ones! So this adorable pull along BRIO Large Pull Dachshund is not only unique looking but sturdy enough for your little ones to play with!  This dashing dog has sturdy safety wheels, as well as a sturdy cord for pull along fun that will help you child's fine motor skills as well as giving them the giggles! 

      Also from Brio is the My First Take Along Set. No longer do you need a bag full of stuff to take your trains on the go! This all in one set includes the train and track for hours of on the go fun for your little one! When you are done just detached the track and put it all back in the easy grip carrying case! 

      Splashlings! Need I say more? Well I may not have to but I will. These adorable mermaid and her sea fairing friends are all the rage and within everyone's price range! Available everywhere (Walmart, Target, Amazon) you can buy blind bags, figure sets that always include a mystery character, or play-sets for some wet or dry fun! These are a no brainer for basket stuffers! 

Peppy Pets from TPF Toys are brimming with personality and no batteries needed, Peppy Pets have ultra soft fur, distinct paw pads and springs in their feet that help these eager Peppy Pups move and prance, just like a real dog.  Peppy Pups bounce, jump and waddle as they go for “walks” with their kid owners, and turn heads as they go. Peppy Pups adore cuddling, snuggles and squeezes, showing characteristics of a real dog that all pet lovers embrace. 

   So we have the cute and cuddly down, now lets get some eggs! Hasbro's Egged on is a eggcellent game of chance and mess!

Want to Win a BOAT LOAD of Splashings! We know you do! Here is how!

   TPF Toys is giving away 5000 Foil Bags in 10 Days… yes, you read that right!   Via Instagram @Splashlings_official, Splashlings fans are encouraged to post an Easter-themed Splashlings photo or video with the hashtag #splashlings, tag @amazon and tell the team why you love them!  We know you have plenty of reasons and that is plenty of opportunities to post and try and win!

 TPF Toys will announce 10 Winners on Easter, each to receive 500 Blind Bags sent to their homes!  Splashlings are available now nationwide!

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