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Weekly List of Events, And Halloween Events!

Monday October 20th
Brandied Fruit Day  

Explorer Family Backpacks:  Get a backpack and discover the beauty of all the different world cultures through art in the gallery! Then your child will create one of their own to bring home!
When:10:00am - 5:00pm
Where: Hofstra University, Hempstead Turnpike , Hempstead NY 11549
Cost: Free

Butterfly House is open at Sweetbriar Nature Center
When: Everyday 10-4pm
Where: 62 Eckernkamp Dr., Smithtown NY
Cost: $5.00 $3 kids under 11 years old and seniors 

The Art Studio in Rockville Centre
Where:221 North Long Beach Road, Rockville Centre NY 11570
When: Mondays and Wednesdays 11am-12pm for preschoolers. Other times available for older kids.
Cost:$20 a lesson or $75 a month
Info: (516)763-2050

Junior Jet Club: An interactive play area for kids 6 and under. This is included with admission to the Cradle of Aviation Museum or skip the museum for just $2.50
When: Every day
Where: Museum Row Charles Lindbergh Blvd Garden City NY 11553
Info: http://www.cradleofaviation.org/plan_your_visit/junior_jet_club.html

Mommy Activities at the RVC Recreation Center
Step Aerobics 7-7:45pm
ZUMBA! 9:15-10:15am
Where: The Department of Parks and Recreation, 111 N Oceanside Rd, Rockville Center NY 11570
Cost: $5.00 pay as you go!

CSTL at the Tanglewood Park Preserve holds a "Tiny Tots" workshop every Monday morning with a different theme. The price is eight dollars a child, and has a different theme each week.  For directions and other information about the preserve visit http://www.cstl.org/Tiny_Tots.htm
Where: Tanglewood Park and Preserve, 1 Tanglewood Road, Rockville Centre NY 11570
Phone: (516) 764-0045 
Cost: $8.00 per child
Time: 9:30-11am

Monday Minnows at the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum
Learning for tots and parents about the ocean and nature for ages 2-5
When: Every Monday at 2:30pm
Where: 301 Main Street, Cold Spring Harbor NY 11724

The Hofstra University Museum offers sculpture exploration backpacks. Stop by the Hofstra University Museums Emily Lowe Gallery located on south campus behind Emily Lowe Hall and pick up a backpack! One focuses on sculptures of animals and one focuses on sculptures based on shapes. At the end of your turn return the backpack and each child will receive a small gift from the museum! Ages 6 and up.
Sculpture Mystery is also available activity at the Museum
The Great Art Caper. Uncover clues to solve a mystery in the outdoor sculpture collection at Hofstra University's South Campus. Pick up the activity at the Emily Lowe Gallery and at the end of the search return for a price. For everyone 6+ and their parents!
When: Monday through Friday 10am-5pm

            Saturday and Sunday 1pm-5pm  
Where: Hofstra University, 1000 Fulton Avenue,  Hempstead NY 11549

Wood Kingdom Open Play 

When: 10am-2pm, this goes on every weekday and times are subject to change so make sure to call ahead!
Where:111 Milbar Road, Farmingdale NY 11735
Phone:(631) 845-3804
Cost: $8.00

The Lanyard Ladies can teach you how to make lanyard and friendship bracelets! Please call to reserve your spot. For ages 6 and up.
When: 4pm
Where: 21 Ryder Place, East Rockaway NY 11518
Phone: (516)578-2248

The Mommy's Guide Meets The Voices And The Minds Behind The New TMNT

  I love running The Mommy's Guide- I really do.  I love meeting new people and connecting with brands I love. But right now I am completely besotted because I had the great opportunity to meet the people behind the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television show on Nickelodeon.  That's right I got to interview the voice of Donatello, Rob Paulsen, and Greg Cipes, the voice of Michelangelo along with executive producers Ciro Nieli and Brandon Auman.  We met at the beautiful Toys R Us in Times Square and it was fantastic.

      Rob Paulsen is an amazing voice actor that has been in the industry for years.  He was in the original TMNT series as the voice of Raphael and now has come back years later to reintroduce the franchise to a new generation.  Before the actual interview we met Mr. Paulsen and shared a couple of words. Guys he is awesome!!!  I was super excited to meet him as he is literally the voice of my childhood.  Besides TMNT he was the voice of Pinky from "Pinky And The Brain" and "Animaniacs" as well as Boober from the cartoonized version of "Fraggle Rock".  It takes a lot for me to be nervous in front of someone.  I mean it is my job to meet people known or otherwise, but I found my hands actually shaking as we took a selfie together.  I grew up with the characters he portrayed and some of my favorite memories are of watching those shows with my friends and family and here was the 3D and humanized version of those characters! Dream come true.
   So like I said we talked a bit before the actual interview and spoke of how he came to work on the new TMNT series.  Like all fans when we hear that one of our beloved shows or movies are being remade our go to feeling is...nooooooo.  Well when Mr. Paulsen's son heard that his father was asked to voice a turtle in the new show, he needed to know that this show was going to be just as good as the original that he grew up with and that his father worked so hard on.  After watching a couple of episodes his son, as for a large amount of the TMNT fan base, gave his dad the go ahead and we are so excited that he did! .

Meet Peppa Pig At Green Acres Mall Oct. 25th


" Calling all “little piggies” and families on Long Island: Peppa Pig, star of the hit Nick Jr.® TV series, is coming to town for a FREE, fun-filled play date on Saturday, October 25 from 11am to 2pm at the Green Acres Mall!    

Activities sure to produce loud snorts of laughter from fans young and old to include:

·         Adorable opportunities for the whole family to pose for pictureswith their favorite pig

·         A chance to win special Peppa Pig prize packs

·         Peppa Pig Halloween- themed activity and coloring sheets for families to take home

·         …and more!


    Each Peppa Pig visit gives young fans and their families the opportunity to meet the lovable and exuberant star of the hit Peppa Pig TV series on Nick Jr., who lives with her brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. When she’s not jumping in muddy puddles, Peppa loves to play games, dress up and spend her days outdoors. All episodes of the popular program provide wholesome entertainment for the whole family, and always end happily with snorts of laughter.


For more information about Peppa Pig, please visit www.peppapig.com, Facebook/OfficialPeppaPigUS or Twitter/PeppaPigUS"

Make Halloween Fun with Shadow FX


     Crayola is awesome- I figured I would lay that out there before I get started so you know how I feel. They make such great family friendly products that simply amaze me every time each year.  We received the Shadow FX to use for some Halloween fun and it worked out great.  This is a kid's sized projector that has big results.  The kit comes with a light console that has three lights and four buttons for different color combinations and flashing.  First choose a stencil and then draw on the clear screen with the magic erasable marker.  Then place the screen on the secure holder in front of the lights and presto-chango your wall is now your work of art! 

Fans and Families Everywhere Get Set for a Spooktacular Halloween withGoosebumps™

  I remember as a preteen and teen reading R.L. Steins Babysitter series and getting chills up my spine.  The Goosebumps series of books and then shows were just a must in our house. We even had the computer game!  I am so excited that it is getting introduced to a new generation and I cannot wait to scare the pants off of my son with the show and all my favorite titles. 

One Self-Proclaimed Outcast's View on America's Violence Problems

     October is Anti-Bullying Month- here is a story I feel that parents and none parents alike will take something away from.~Mj

    So I was on Facebook the other day and looking at my "news feed" Which was filled with Buzzfeed quizzes, (OK FINE I took them too) pictures of babies, bad MEMEs and a picture of a couple that REALLY needed to keep their tongues in their own mouths, when I came to a post from a acquaintance from high school. He was a sweet kid who honestly I had a tiny tiny crush on- I thought he was adorable, he liked comics, I liked comics, he liked video games, hey man me too, I mean add the songs on his Discman mixes and I am sure we would have been 15 year old soul mates. What is funny is this is what caused him to be picked on.  In this extraordinarily long Facebook status post (yeah it took me to it's own page) he retells the story of his experiences in bullying. He also shows us that bullying doesn't stop once you graduate high school.  This is one man's experience and one man's opinion of why we as a nation are plagued with the recent bouts of horrific acts of mass and ordinary violence. You may not agree with him, in fact some of what he says you may think is complete and utter nonsense, but since we all have the first amendment on our side and I happen to think that what he wrote was- in a word (one of my favorite words) awesome, I asked him if I could share this with all of you. He said OK, and here it is.  I must advise you that this open letter uses strong language and he doesn't like football- I understand that to some of you that might be more insulting than the language. That being said, I hope you all listen to his story.

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