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Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer the Musical Is LIVE at MSG Theater For A Limited Time

    Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer the Musical Is LIVE at MSG Theater for a limited run!

         For most of us, Rudolph and his band of misfit friends is a holiday classic that we look forward to watching every year. Well this year we are pleased to announce that not only is it available to watch on the T.V. as per tradition, but has also been brought to life as a wonderful live musical! This limited run show brings the story we all know and love from the screen to a full filled action packed live show that stays true to its origins.
        The cast and crew of this show put on a spectacular performance on opening night, mixing li
ve actors with puppetry, as well as digital effects, which gives you an original experience that touches upon the beloved television special’s Claymation effects. The set is a simple snow filled backdrop, with some props here or there to show the change of scenes. Puppeteers and crew hands dressed all in white go almost incognito amongst the scenes pushing around props and puppeteering playful raccoons, as well as pushing” iceberg’s”, while the main cast sing and dance to music that is faithful to the original. The cast sings such favorites as “Misfits” and “Holly Jolly Christmas” almost as perfect at the originals that you cannot help but sing along with the well-known tunes. Even the voicing of the actors matched the original TV series almost perfectly! I could not believe it! The costumes themselves have the faces of the actors showing, yet are produced in such a way that they look almost cartoon like. Staying consistent with the creators “true to the original” mission statement of the show.
    The puppets too- are a beautifully made to match the original version, and simply beautiful. From the little raccoons that scatter around after Rudolph to the massive Bumble who is the size of the stage itself the quality of these props could be seen from any seat you were in.
  Sometimes, as an adult you take your child to these live renditions because you want to create a special memory for them- but in your gut you know that you as an adult may not be as thrilled as they. Let me tell you something not only was my son thoroughly enthralled with the performance- I mean seriously he did not move the whole entire time, but myself and my mother were just as amused. We sang along, and sat perfectly content as the amazing cast performed.
            So if you had any doubt on whether or not this is a performance to trek out to see, I can guarantee you that this one is not to be missed, the whole family from 2-99 will enjoy it!

 Tickets are available now on Groupon! Don't wait- go get your tickets now!

Mommy's Guide To GIfts! Park One!


     It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas- well not really. Currently it is in the 60’s here in NY, but I know that your wallet is starting to feel a little lighter.  So what should you buy? There is a wide variety of toys out there- and some of them are really great- others, well we will not discuss the other ones. We here at TMG have been working since Sept to wade through the piles and bring you the best of the best toys to put under your tree. I know- it was quite a sacrifice! So with no further ado- here is The Mommy’s Guide 2016 Top Toys of the Season!


                                                             Part 1!
1-Tsum Tusm Advent Calendar. The world of TSUM TSUM is filled with Disney adorableness that everyone loves. No really its becoming a craze. These collectables are on every kids wish list this year, so whoever came up with the brilliant idea of putting them in an advent calendar should get a raise. This Gingerbread themed box comes with 24 windows that hold a new stackable Tsum Tsum surprise for each day leading up to Christmas! On sale at Walmart right now for the low price of $24.99 Each calendar comes with 6 large figures, with 6 holiday head pieces, 6 medium figures in holiday attire and six small figures with six holiday themed stackable accessories. Your child will be super excited to come home every day from school and open up a new window to add to their collection. Honestly I am surprised it has made it on our shelf this long without being opened, by myself. Have I mentioned I am a huge Tsum Tusm fan?My kid is lucky if he sees any of these!

2-Crayola Products
                Nothing says fun like Crayola- it is just a fact. From 0-99 everyone loves getting a Crayola product and this year is no different! Crayola has a variety of products that will have you kids not only sitting quietly- plus for parents- but some of them will leave your living room clean as well. No really I mean it!
     Although one of the perks of being a child is being able to make a mess and not be plagued with a stomach full of dread at the thought of cleaning up that mess, as parents, we tend to try to keep the destruction of our house down to a minimum.  With the Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free sets-available now- that is no longer an issue. Like magic the Mess Free Color wonder line lets your child be creative without ruining your couch, or floors, or curtains or, rug, or…….. Ok I think you got the idea. This line of creative products has specially made markers that only work on the color wonder coloring pages.
     So when your child comes into the kitchen while you are cooking and says a parents most hated words “Mommy I am bored.” you now have a secret weapon- FINGER PAINTING!
    At the mere mention of the words finger and paint your child’s face lights up with shock and joy- you never let them finger paint, especially no unsupervised and on the carpet- well baby it’s a whole new world!  Now you can continue what you are doing and let your kids paint without worry because the amazing Color Wonder Finger-paints!  
    The Color Wonder Finger-paints comes in a fun hand shaped container, each fingertip holding a color and work only on Color Wonder Paper! Giving your child the real feel effect of finger paint while not ruining any of

Relax with PBS This Thanksgiving break! With Wild Kratts and New Series Splash and Bubbles!

      We are already wild about Wild Kratts! So clearly we cannot wait to see the new series Splash and Bubbles which has not only PBS behind it but Jim Henson Company as it's creators. Does it get better than that!

   While relaxing with the family this Thanksgiving break, tune in to PBS KIDS for the premiere of the brand new series SPLASH AND BUBBLES, followed by a new WILD KRATTS special “Creatures of the Deep!”. The newest animated series from The Jim Henson Company & PBS KIDS, premiering Wednesday, November 23rd, takes kids on an ocean adventure, filled with humor and engaging storylines geared toward curious young minds. Using groundbreaking Henson Digital Puppetry technology, the series will help children learn marine biology and ocean science concepts while building social-emotional skills.

      SPLASH AND BUBBLES Premieres November 23, 2016; streaming November 23-January 16 The following three 11-minute stories debut as part of a special premiere event on Wednesday,

Delicious Holiday Treats and Cocktails! All Available For Your Thanksgiving Table!

Drinks, Apple Crips, and  Apple Donuts are all very doable with these amazing recipies! Perfect for holiday entertaining! I cannot wait to try them out!

Adam's Bait



Crisp Apple Sparkling Ice

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Bean

Directions: Gently mix over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with bean.

Green Tea Toddy


Green Tea

1 Part Crisp Apple Sparkling Ice

1 Part Bourbon

Lemon Slice

Star Anise

Directions: Heat bourbon, green tea bag and Crisp Apple Sparkling Ice until hot and tea has steeped. Remove bag and pour into toddy glass with lemon slice and star anise garnish.

Apple Crisp

Amazon Originals Keep Bringing the Joy with this Amazing Holiday Special!

                           \ This Looks Absolutely Fantastic- We cannot wait!
                   Let us introduce you to 'The Snowy Day'

      "The Snowy Day, part of Amazon Studios’ original kids holiday programming, is an animated special based on the award-winning book by Ezra Jack Keats. The book, well-known as one of the first picture books to feature an African-American protagonist, has won a host of awards, including the Caldecott medal – one of the highest honors in children’s literature – and was included in the Library of Congress’ list of “Books that Shaped America.”

     The special follows Peter, a young boy in a red snowsuit, as his mother sends him on an adventure to Nana’s house to retrieve their traditional Christmas mac and cheese dinner. Enjoying the snowy day along the way, Peter encounters friends from the neighborhood, from storekeepers and bakers to the older boys he admires – and a group of a capella singers voiced by Boyz II Men. After arriving at Nana’s and retrieving the mac and cheese – and his most coveted gift, a brand-new red sled – Nana helps Peter team up with the older boys for an epic snowball fight, resulting in the destruction of the special holiday dinner and his sled. When the neighborhood comes together to celebrate new traditions with Peter and his family, Peter realizes that the true meaning of the holiday is about who you spend it with. "

5 Minute Dungeon Has Arrived On KickStarter- Find Out Why You Should Donate

                      New Game Needs Gamers to Help It Succeed!
                Let's Get this 5-Minute Dungeon KickStart(ed)

     "Is Family Game Night part of your regular routine or if you want it to be – we have just the perfect new exciting game!  5-Minute Dungeon is the latest card game that will have families raving - time to move over competition and enter cooperation!

     Adrenaline-fueled to create a jolt of excitement for casual and advanced players alike, 5-Minute Dungeon is a game in which players have a short five minutes to conquer a dungeon. Its humor-filled fantasy world is home to creatures like “A Cactus That Wants a Hug,” “The Grime Reaper” and “A Shark With Legs.” In the game, two to five players join together and choose up to five heroes to battle monsters, overcome obstacles, and defeat the dungeon boss.  There are five dungeons to defeat, each more challenging than the last, with the final dungeon requiring precise skill, speed, and strategy to defeat.  With no time to form a carefully-considered plan, and no predicting what dangers lie ahead, communication and teamwork are the name of the game, crucial to surviving the 5-Minute Dungeon. This game seriously provides snack-size entertainment and an opportunity for family fun packed laughs for casual gamers of all ages!

Lego Star Wars Day is Coming This Weekend To Legoland Discovery Center Westchester!

          Star Wars and LegoLand Discovery Center Westchester is a match made in heaven!
                                      This is A NOT TO MISS event!

     LEGO® Star Wars™ Days (November 19-20 / Exclusive Preview: November 18) May the Force be with you as Jedi, Droids and Clone Troopers invade LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Westchester during LEGO® Star Wars™ Days on Saturday, November 19 and Sunday, November 20! All themed activities are included in the price of admission. The weekend will feature: Fun-filled LEGO Star Wars™ build activities for all ages including LEGO® Star Wars™ build competitions LEGO® Star Wars™ themed Master Builder Academy Large scale LEGO® Yoda™ group build Annual pass holders are invited to attend an exclusive preview event prior to the general public on Friday, November 18 from 4pm to 9pm (last admission at 7pm) Tickets starting at $15.95; children under 2 are FREE