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Christmas Guide Part One! GAMES

    We have a great way for the whole family to get into the football season without having to go out and play for themselves!  The NFL Electric Football. This is the same game platform that has been used since it first hit the marketplace in 1947- yes my uncle has spoken of this game fondly for many years, just with a bit of an upgrade.
  You can choose your favorite teams to play against each other with stickers that are included put in the two double A batteries and you are ready to go!
   So how do you play. Two players hit the field with 11 pieces, with the goal to advance the ball by running passing kicking and of course scoring. You do this by customizing your own plays and strategically places your pieces on the field. The "cleats" that you put on your pieces will help them to advance or help to defend, so choose wisely. What is really cool is that just like in the original version of the game, the vibration is what makes the action happen! Once you place your pieces in their correct position you press the button on the hand held remote and bam the game is a foot! You can even control the strength of the vibrations so it goes faster or slower. very simple very neat.

 This is a great game, it builds interpersonal skills, hand eye coordination, and gets that brain bumping to figure out how to win! You can buy a assortment of sets to make your field loook tiiiight as my son would say, but honestly this is great and easy to use right out of the box/ This was an easy add on to our must have toys this year!

*A sample of the product was given for the purpose of review. All Opinions are our own.

   In a battle between lizards, only one will survive. Oh calm down you don't need to call PETA on me, I am talking about this great game from YULU called Tic Tac Tongue. This is actually the very first thing listed on my sons Christmas wish list which I believe says a lot.  Everyone wears an adorable lizard face mask that ou can blow into and make the tongue flick about. One player flips over a number card, the other players have to flick over the correct number of insect cards that are set up on the table. The first person who knocks down the most insects the fastest wins! Bam! This game is fantastic for so many reasons. There is no set up- you open up the box and you play. No batteries are required, and the rules are minimal. Making this just a quick fun game that you can play at a drop of a dime! The game comes with 4 lizard masks with washable mouthpieces as well as 10 target cards 10 game cards and game rules! Instant fun at a low price point you cannot lose!

*A sample of the product was given for the purpose of review. All Opinions are our own.

Ravensburger gives us a great new game for the kiddos called Five Little Fish! Giving a new angle to that rotating fishing game we have all grown up loving, you know the one where the fish have magnets in their mouths and you have a dingy rode with a magnet and you try and catch it. I love those things. Anyway Five Little Fish is the same in concept. You pick up a card that reveals what color fish you need to catch. After you choose your card you get your fishing rod in hand and then choose which fish you believe will be the color you are looking for if it is a match then you get to keep your catch if it doesn't you have to wait for another turn to try again with a different color. This game is both interactive and great for motor skills, but also a fun new twist on the memory game as the board moves you will have to keep track on which fish is which! Great game highly recommend it!

*A sample of the product was given for the purpose of review. All Opinions are our own.

Watermelon Smash- another great game from YULU and sold exclusivity in target.This game is adorable honestly. A nice twist on the good old water roulette game. In this fast paced game you spin to see how many times you have to (gently) press the watermelon against your head before you can pass it on to the next player. You will never know when it will crack so you are always in a suspenseful state! Once the watermelon cracks on someone turns they will either be covered with water, or plastic watermelon seeds (included) and then are out of the game! Be the last player left to avoid having the watermelon crack on your turn and you win! The best part about this game- other than the game play itself, is that you can play during all seasons. A fun water game in warm weather, or dry if it is raining or freezing outside! Love it. Available now and surely to win the hearts of everyone that plays!

*A sample of the product was given for the purpose of review. All Opinions are our own.

  Christmas Time Is Here! Gather All That Cheer! This year we are bringing you the best of the best toys we have out there. It was hard this year to find items that were actually worth the money you can spend on them. Is it just me? Or have toys just gotten kinda repetitive and sad?
   Everything is tiny, blind, or does little to nothing- literally.  I see the kids rip open the package in a fury then place the unicorn poop hybrid figure on their shelf never to be touched again,.  Nothing promotes imaginative play, or stimulates education like they use too.
      Oh my goodness I am sounding old aren't I? Well If I am I am sorry, but I am feeling  the loss of Toys R Us.I use to walk up and down the aisles to pick and choose what I wanted to buy the kids. I use to reminiscence about my father telling me "go for it" when I finally found something worth asking for. I am missing the toys on those shelves. The hidden gems you found that weren't screaming at you during our kids shows commercial breaks. that "ahhh" moment when you knew you found that perfect gift for that kid in your life. I MISS it dammit.
      I am feeling the loss of innocence during the holidays, and as someone who works directly with the toy companies I feel like they are at a loss too. They are pushing products but without the same enthusiasm they once held. 90 percent of what I say this year was not even worth mentioning.
 We need toys to promote imagination, we need to promote fun and yes we even need toys that promote education (bleh). Right now these companies are just repeating the same things they have come up with for the last four years and re- making it into something slightly different from the original. Where are the new ideas!  Four years ago was the last time I was truly excited about what was coming for the holidays. After that I feel like the world has went stagnant.  You will read studies and they will all say that it is because we live in the time of the screens. Which is partly true. As an eighties baby myself, we may not have had mobile phones and tablets and alike, but we had TV, VHS, game boys and gaming systems. We had portable "laptops" that had games on them that made the beep beep beep that drove all our parents nuts. Yes things have gotten wayyy cooler but honestly I don't think that technology is not the only problem here. It is the way we parent. Instead of giving the kids toys that promote imaginative play, we give them the game controller. Instead of sitting and reading with them we give them a tablet. We say sure when they want to download an app then delete it five minutes later. For crying out loud most kids would rather watch other kids play with toys on Youtube than play with them themselves.
    I think this year we all need to make a resolution to cut it out (as Dave Coulie would say) and make our kids imagine, stop doing things because its easy, and maybe this will give the toy companies the drive to produce some truly spectacular things next year! Lets bring the fun back to toys as a community! I think we can do it.

    Now that, that rant is over I can tell you that all the toys that I am reviewing, I love. We are sent a lot of toys every year, and to the marketers dismay there is no guarantee that they will make it on my site. (Sorry guys it is true.) I don't get paid for my reviews, which means basically that it is up to me whether or not I write about something. So if you see an item up here- unless it says "AD" then I am not getting any money for the review. What I am writing I believe, because otherwise you wouldn't see it on my site. Period. My point being that I think that despite my kinda melancholy monologue up there I think we do have some cool things for the kiddos this year, and we hope you like them as well! Let us know what you think- let us know what you think we should add- and finally- Let The Mommy's Guide To Toys, finally begin!

-MJ Aucone

When looking for a karate school for my son, I had a lot of requirements. I wanted a traditional style, classes that encouraged hard work, and a friendly atmosphere for both children and their parents. That is exactly what I found at Adel's International Karate Center. This school teaches traditional Shotokan karate and also offers kids' and adults' fitness classes.  Kids can start at as young as three years old. The teachers are excellent, encouraging the students to work hard while still making it fun for the kids. The owner and his family, who all practice karate, are very kind and welcoming. The instructors ensure that the students are safe and comfortable, they are taught techniques that are effective for self-defense, and emphasis is placed on respect. Classes are offered every day, and the schedule is flexible so you don't have to attend on the same days each time, which makes it extremely convenient. My son has been attending for several years now, and after seeing what a wonderful opportunity it was, I decided to join myself! My son and I enjoy both the karate and fitness classes.  For advanced students, weapons training is also available.  Birthday parties are offered here as well. The first class is a free trial so check it out!

For More Information Visit Their Website! 
Adel's International Karate Center
2928 Long Beach Road, Oceanside NY 11572
 Find Them on Facebook 

Long Island Halloween Happenings!

      Long Island has some really spooktackular happenings this Halloween season, don't miss out on the fun!

Animated Story: Otto’s Special Pumpkin  Westbury a new story every year with hay rides, petting zoo, and sweet treats this is a must see!
September 15-October 28

Restless Souls Haunted House Complex
Huntington Station, NY
Starts October 12

Fink's Country Farm Fall Festival
Wading River, NY
(631) 886-2272
starts Oct. 6th

Bayville Scream Park!
During the day a fun trick or treaty place for the kids, but at night the real ghouls come out ot play! 

Chamber of Horrors Ny
Hauppaguge NY

Darkside Haunted House!
Wading river Ny

Darkness Rising
Deer Park Ny 


Fall Festival and Costume Parade
Long Beach, NY
october 13th and 14th
Jack-o-lanterns light the night sky at Old Westbury Gardens.

Rise of The Jack O' Lanterns ] Old Westbury
Old Westbury Gardens
October 5-October 29
A Gold Coast Mansion is covered in pumpkins for this yearly event. Make sure to buy our tickets in advance because they do sell out!

A Kooky Spooky Halloween  Port Jefferson
A lovely little play geared towards the little ones, but fun for all ages!
Saturdays in October; Sunday, October 21, with a sensory-sensitive performance October 14

 Apple and Pumpkin Picking

Lewin Farms: Fresh fruits and vegtables, roasted corn at the stand and different varities of apples to pick!

Where: 812 Sound Avenue Wading River, NY 11972

Info: 631-929-4327


The Milk Pail Farm Stand: featuring semi dwarf trees which makes picking easier, and grow apples of several varitites  on twenty acres of land!

Where: 1346 Montauk Highway Water Mill, NY 11976

Info: 631-537-2565

Woodside Orchards: 10 varieties of apples, on semi-dwarf trees, awesome treats to enjoy during your visit

Where: 729 Main Road Aquebogue, NY 11931

Info: 631-722-5770

Fort Salonga Farm: Dwarf Trees, fresh honey for sale and a small spot for great quick pickin

Where: 30 Meadow Glen Road Northport, NY 11768


Seven Ponds Orchard: Dwarf Trees, Radio Flyer Wagons to put apples in, Corn mazy, hay rides, and more!

65 Seven Ponds Road Water Mill, NY 11976

Info: 631-726-8015

Wickham's Fruit Farm: One of the olders farms int he country- veiws of peconic bay, membership needed to pick apples.

Where: 28700 Main Road Cutchogue, NY 11935

Info: 631-734-6441

Hanks Pumpkin Town: Pumpkins, apples, face painting playground, wagon rides, corn maze and snacks!

When:240 Montauk Highway Water Mill, NY 11976


Davis Peach Farm: Peaches and apples,  and fresh baked pies!

Where: 561 Hulse Landing Road Wading River, NY 11972

Info: 631-929-1115

Farm Stand:

284 Boyle Road Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

Info: 631-509-5033

Applewood Orchards & Winery: Apple Picking, hayrides, puppet shows, chickens, bunnies sheep! On site winery for the adults! Apple Fest on October 4th  which has live music apple pie contest and moer!

Where:  82 Four Corners Rd, Warwick

When:  Daily 9am–5pm September 5 through late October

Info: 845-986-1684,

Barton Orchards: Apple Picking, petting zoo, hay rides, haunted house, corn maze!

When: Activities on the weekends

Where:63 Apple Tree Ln, Poughquag

Info: $3, children under 2 free (includes petting zoo, hayrides, kids' special events); Fun Pass $9.50, (includes admission, corn maze, haunted house and family theme park). Apples: 10lbs $15, 20lbs $24.

Dr. Davies Farm: 35 acres of trees, on the weekends you have trailer rides, small sugar pumpkins,

Where: Less than a half hour from the George Washington Bridge.

When: Daily 10am–4pm

Grieg Farm: Pick your own apples, plants, raspberries and pumpkins, snack hut, with chesses, and meets,  View of the Catskill Mountains!

When:Daily 8am–8pm through the end of October

Where:  223 Pitcher Ln, Red Hook

Info: 845-758-1234, $20 for a half bushel

Hurds Family Farm: Apple Picking, Choose a tree for Christmas in Novemeber, eco-discovery trail, a cow train ride, pedal trikes, farm animals fish, giant slide and pumkings!

When: Season begins in late August. Wed–Sat 9am–5pm.

Where:2187 Rte 32, Modena

Info: $14, children under 3 free  $20 for a half bushel of PYO apples, pumpkins 50c per lb.

THIS IS THE ONE I WANT TO GO TO!!!Kelder's Farm: LARGE GARDEN GNOME- Chomsky stands at the entrance. Petting zoo, hayrides, corn mazy giant jumping pillow, mini-golf- constructed from recycled tractor wheels and other repurposed farm stuff.  Vegtables, flowers fruite, and pumpkins!

When: Daily 10am–6pm through October

Where: 5755 Rte 209, Kerhonkson  $1.50 per lb $3.75 for golf course

Info:  845-626-7137,

LoveApple Farm: On the weekends, there are pony rides, mini pigs, mini horce, mexican cantina with kid-friendly fare, old fasion ice cream.

When: Daily 9am–5pm

Where: 1421 Rte 9H, Ghent

Info: 518-828-5048,

Masker Orchards: Drive up and enjoy a picnic lunch, and you can snack on apples while you enjoy the day! Wagon rides, haunted house, animals, pony rides and corn maze open daily.  Apple Fest is also by this location!

When:Opens Sept 5. Daily 9am–5pm

Where: 45 Ball Rd, Warwick

Info: $26.95 for a half bushel 845-986-1058,

Minard Farms:

When: Sat, Sun 10am–5pm through Nov 1

Where:250 Hurds Rd, Clintondale

Info: 866-632-7753, $22 for a half bushel

Mr. Apples Orchard: McIntosh and Red Apples, available, minimal amount of pesticides used.  Nearby waterfalls at Rondout River!

When:Daily 10am–5:30pm until mid-November

Where: 25 Orchard St, High Falls

Info:Daily 10am–5:30pm until mid-November

ject to change.

The Orchards of Concklin: Haunted blow up houses and giant slides, has pumpkin picking and apple picking. baked goods,

When: Season begins September 20. Sat, Sun 10am–5pm for five weekends (call for availability)

Where: 2 South Mountain Rd, Pomona

Cost: $9 per person includes 1/2 peck bag, children under 3 free. Pole rentals for $2 with $5 deposit.

Outhouse Orchards:Red Delicious, Cortland, McIntosh, Empire apples and more! Farm animals to feed, smoked turkey legs, sweets, pony rides and hayrides on the weekends!

When: Daily 9am–5pm

Info: 914-277-3188, $25 bucks per half bushel

Stone Ridge Orchard: Apple picking, pumpkin house, and activities for the kids

When:Daily 9am–5pm Labor Day Weekend through late October

Where: 3012 Rte 213, Stone Ridge

Info: $9 for a five-pound bag, $17 for a 10-pound bag, $20 for a 27-pound bag.

 Family Friendly Pumpkin Picking and Fall Festivals!

Crossroads Farm at Grossman’s

 Malverne NY

Organic Non-Profit farm managed be the Nassau Land Trust,

Wonderful Location that we frequent often. Plenty of pumpkins, animals, apple pies and other fall fare.

The Dees’ Nursery & Florist, Inc

Oceanside NY

Love this place as well! Pumpkins on crates to pick, corn maze, spooky walk for kids and adults, pony rides, petting zoo, and lots more. Great day.

Albert H. Schmitt Family Farm

Dix Hills NY

Pumpkin Picking, Hay Rides, bounce houses, play area, also has a haunted house!

Benner's Farm East Setauket

Organic farm that is super family friendly all year round. There is pumpkin picking, hayride, homemade cider with a class on how it is made. Workshops and mommy and me programs during the week! Be on the lookout for their Harvest Fair!

Hicks Farm

Westbury NY

Otto The Ghost Interactive adventure is always a family favorite! Hay rides, Petting Zoo and plenty of Pumpkins on crates as well as awesome fall decor!

Borellas Farm Stand

St. James NY

Corn Mazes, bounce houses and pumpkins galore!

Brightwaters Farm

Bay Shore NY

Face painting, animal farm feeding, and a array of activities as well as a concession stand, country store, and of course pumpkin picking

Elwood Pumpkin and Christmas Tree Farm

 Huntington NY

Pick Pumpkins right off the vine and enjoy a small kid friendly corn maze as well as wagon rides

F & W Schmitt Family Farm

 Melville NY

For Fifty years this farm has been a must see for families. Pumpkin stands, hayrides, a straw pyramid, haunted mansion and animals are all at this awesome location

Organics Today Farm

East Islip NY

Tractor Pull hayride, roasted corn, hot cider raw honey and other organic goodies as well as pumpkin picking

Woodside Nursery and Garden Center

North Patchogue67y;'[

Dinosaur park exhibit, scarecrow making haunted tunnel, pumpkin picking and gold mining all available for a fun filled day

Finks Country Farm

Wading River NY

Live entertainment, picnic area, animal farm pig races, a corn cannon, corn maze, and of course pumpkin picking!

Finks Fall Festival runs Sept 23rd-October 29th

Gabrielsen's Country Farm

JamesPort NY

Train rides, pedal tractors (adorbs) farm animals, old fashioned school house and church, live music on the weekends and a hay ride!

Hanks Pumpkintown

Water Mill NY

Pick off the vine interactive corn mazes, tractor rides, slides duck races pedal cart race track and family fun!

Harbes Family Farm

Jamesport, Mattituck, Riverhead

Pumpkins picked right off the vine, six-acre interactive corn maze helping Dorothy and toto make it through the every confusing maze!  There is singing hayrides, pony rides, barnyard adventure park is at the Mattituck location.  Riverhead offers pumpkin picking, spooky corn maze robin hood corn maze

  There is also the Barnyard corn maze where four pumpkin pals are lost and Farmer Fred needs your help to find them!

Harbes Orchard in Riverhead has a Robin hood themed maze where Robin is on a quest to defeat the sheriffs champion. Meet the actors along the way to help them find bows arrows and swords!

Harbes Farms in Jamesport King of Pumpkinland has lost his crown! Help him find it in this five acre maze that has you solving riddles and participating in an awesome sword fight!

Lewin Farms,

Wading River

Pumpkins off the vine, five-acre corn maze and roasted corn

May's Farm

Wading Rive

Corn maze, pony rides (not every weekend) face painting, treats and a visit from Elmo!

Stakey's Pumpkin Farm


18 different pumpkins ready to be picked off the vine, bounce house, face painting, country store pets allowed. Make sure to pick up the corn maze trivia guide before you head into the corn maze. Answer correctly and you find your way out incorrectly and we will see you next fall!

Days of Pumpkins Past- Last Years Blaze Review

     What a great time we had in Historic Hudson Valley this past Columbus Day weekend!  We arrived on Saturday and enjoyed lunch and a dip in the pool, and prepared ourselves for the night ahead. True to form the Great Pumpkin Blaze was very well organized. We arrived for the 7:30 showing and the parking attendants led us to a spot. We walked through the awesome pumpkin arches and into the tent where we stood in a line that went super fast up to the gates of the BLAZE. That is where they scan your tickets and the tour begins!

    As you walk up the winding path, with mouth open wide letting all the flies in because holy WOW the pumpkins are laid out everywhere!  Funny faces, scary faces, anything you can think of spread across the whole lawn as you make your way over to the house itself all lit up. There was a whole new set up and new additions from last year when we went so it was fresh and new to our eyes. We passed pumpkin tombstones, pumpkin bats hanging from the trees, there was a ghostly bonfire in front of the historic house, and as you waited to go down the path by the house (that is a bit narrow) the pumpkins on the house had timed lighting to the blaze original sound track. Really great. After the bottle neck walkway you encounter a museum of dinosaur bones which was my son’s favorite part hands down. To be perfectly honest every
  Every year I say the same thing, and I stand by it. For fun filled fall and Halloween events for the whole family Historic Hudson Valley is the place to be. This year the season starts off on Sept 30th and we cannot wait to get our butts over there! Read all about what they have going on this season!

*The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze®, the Hudson Valley’s biggest all-ages Halloween extravaganza, will continue for a record 32 selected evenings through Nov. 13.
   Read our review from last years event. Spoiler alert- it was great! 

     The walk-through experience lights up the wooded pathways, orchards, and gardens of historic Van Cortlandt Manor in Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y., where a small team of artists hand-carves more than 7,000 jacks and elaborate pumpkin sculptures. This year visitors will delight in Blaze favorites, such as eight-foot-tall working jack-o’lanterns-in-the-box and life-size dinosaurs, and be dazzled by more pumpkin power than ever before! New additions include a plus-sized color-changing star show at the Pumpkin Planetarium, a Pumpkin Promenade, and an 80-foot-long Pumpkin Zee Bridge — complete with a sea serpent swimming in the Croton River.

Read our review 

*Horseman’s Hollow takes Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow to its most terrifying extremes. Visitors will walk a haunted trail where creatures lurk in the shadows, ready to strike fear into the hearts of those who dare to wander. Professional actors, award-winning feature-film makeup artists, and state-of-the-art special effects make the Horseman’s Hollow experience all too real. This 14-night, interactive haunted attraction at Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., is recommended for ages 10 and up.